32 reviews about Pellegrini's Espresso Bar

07 Apr 2017

My parents used to go here when I was little and I am so glad it is still around today. Gorgeous little traditional Italian espresso bar with authentic coffee and wonderful service.

Approximate cost: $4

25 Sep 2014

Really enjoyed their coffee. It was quite strong which suits me perfectly. Service was friendly, place was inviting, with a great character about it.

11 Dec 2013

This place was beautiful,I loved the relaxed atmosphere and it was so cheap yet the meals were so beautiful,we had lasagne and really enjoyed it,the service was great

14 Aug 2013

This is one of my favourite espresso bars when I visit Melbourne, they have beautiful lasagna that is cooked beautifuly and tastes lovley, their espresso coffee is full of flavour and the best coffee in Melbourne, staff always welcomes their customers with friendly welcome messages, prices are great, would recommend everybody to visit.

Approximate cost: $10

sandrad171 14 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Yes I agree I love the place.

14 Aug 2013

Pelligrinis has been in Melbourne for years and I was pleased to see that hardly a thing has change through the years. There is a small menu with just a handful of items but they are quite tasty. I had the gnocchi with a mix of the pesto and tomato sauce. It was served very quickly with a plain roll and butter. The roll wasn't great but I loved the pasta. My partner had the lasagna and said it was pretty good. If you are after a piece of the old Melbourne check this out.

06 Aug 2013

Have been here a number of times and it's one of those places where you know what you can expect time and time again. Simple, home cooked Italian style food with down to earth old fashioned service. If you appreciate these things then give it a try!

Approximate cost: $15

20 May 2013

Will go here time and time again. Food is honest, simple and fantastic. Staff are all so friendly and helpful. Can't go past the raspberry tart :) Coffee is fantastic. The food is all made on premise, and you can taste the quality.

Approximate cost: $15

23 Apr 2013

Most people in Melbourne know this little gem of a place. Brilliant coffee and Pasta that is top notch. I especially love the Gnocchi, but I may be bias as that is always my fav pasta. Just have to check it out guys...

Icy006 23 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the review. I'm going there with my friends tomorrow!!! YAY!

23 Feb 2013

This place takes me back to my childhood. The pastas are unpretentious, delicious without trying to be anything special. More like a sentimental home cooked meal. Service is classic Italian, can appear surly, yet is quite charming. This place is always a welcome treat.

jettyb1 25 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for your detailed review. These really do assist decisions. Cheers 👍

07 Feb 2013

Authentic italian pasta for a great price. The coffee is always on-point and sitting in the kitchen is always a good experience as you get to witness the chefs in action (and yelling at each other!). Very friendly staff and I love the granitas. Highly recommend the gnocchi - if it isn't sold out by the time you get there.

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