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09 Aug 2010

Describes itself as a family restaurant, yet no high chairs and children were looked upon as a nuisance, even when I didn't hear a peep from them and I was seated 3 people away!!
Waitresses were heard muttering about how the children were 'finally quiet' and many nasty looks were thrown about by waiting staff.

The food was okay, could've expected a little more for what you pay though.
I wasn't too sure about how well cooked my chicken was either, which was slightly worrying.

We had a rather large table booked, and when a couple of people didn't show up, they removed one of the spare tables. After eating our main meal, the children weren't offered their scoop of ice cream, which is meant to be included with children's meals. We were also shot many more looks as if to move our party on having only been there just over 1 hour.

The children had moved outside to have a little play in the grass, and their parents were asked if their table could be taken for other customers. This is obviously one of the most unreasonable things to be asked considering the children had not been given their dessert at this point.

Fair to say, we were not overly impressed with the service and wont be returning!

Approximate cost: $25-30

bernadettep2 04 Mar 2011 · 0% Trust

As the manager of an establishment in Perth, I would suggest that you request to speak with a manager if you are not happy with something.
I have frequented this particular restaurant on a few separate occasions & have seen kids in high chairs each time, so they are available if requested.
If guests for your party do not turn up and the restaurant has prepared the table for the amount you booked for, they are entitled to take the tables back for the use of other paying customers.
I personally enjoyed my experiences at this restaurant, the food has been excellent and fresh, and the staff have always been friendly.

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