6 reviews about Pets Paradise

02 Aug 2012

Went to look at dog food, sad they sell puppies, which were VERY expensive.Staff just wanted to sell the puppy without really finding out of IF the person would provide a good home for the pup.Pup just another piece of merchandise. DIDNT BUY ANY FOOD AND I WONT BE BACK.

21 Dec 2011

Bought a mouse. The mouse was cheap compared to the products needed which were very expense compared to other stores i visited later.

Approximate cost: $75

23 Mar 2010

they always have the best display of puppies and kittens! i always go there and the staff are so friendly as are the prices they give you. if your looking for a pet this is the place to go!

KaterinaRohann 07 Jul 2013 · 80% Trust

Ah, no it's not.

Pet stores take/accept kittens and puppies at far too young an age, which is bad for the animal and more work for the owner.

Pet store animals, don't have vaccinations or micro-chips and they haven't been de-sexed. Most aren't even toilet trained.

Go to your local vet or shelter, you'll likely get all of the above, and the staff can even help find you a personality match rather than just a cute fluffy thing.

26 Aug 2009

The service was great, the entire shop was clean. though, the shop was squashy and had an entire group of epeople crowding the area trying to tap and peak at the animals which resulted in an uncomfortable experience.

04 May 2009

I bought a bird today from Pets Paradise and the service was unbelievably great ! The guy knew so much i was truly amazed. Even the bird was perfect, beautiful and just awesome.
The only downside are their prices. Way too overpriced for anything in there. You could get the same things for half the price anywhere else.

Approximate cost: $150

21 Feb 2008

I am happy to recommend this pet shop to people. I bought my pet dog, a healthy and happy maltese terrier from there. Their staff are well trained and very friendly too.

Approximate cost: $450

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