64 reviews about Pharmacy Direct

21 Dec 2016

still haven't received my order after two weeks!! no communication to say why...i rang last week and they told me they were having problems as just moved the business blah blah but the same thing happened last time........not good enough in the age of internet shopping. use to use quite regularly , will not use again

Approximate cost: $150

02 Dec 2016

This business continues to be sold and re-sold. The current "service" is a disgrace. Communication, order placement, stock levels, invoicing and shipping are appalling.

Short version - due to website problems order was triplicated. TWO MONTHS before last "order" received. Goods short shipped. Lost our money!

DO NOT USE this company now based in Qld.

Approximate cost: $330

01 Dec 2016

I would not recommend this business. After 8 weeks of waiting my order (valued at $78) still hasn't arrived. They are not answering phones and are not taking messages.

20 Oct 2016

My product never arrived. When I called the phone number on the homepage I was told to call another number which was an automated phone system leaving me on hold on every occasion. As I used PayPal I used their dispute service to contact Pharmacy Direct but they never responded. Thankfully PayPal refunded my money. Terrible experience and highly recommend to avoid.

11 Dec 2015

Avoid. Terrible customer service. Ordered on the 3rd. Phoned today told it could be another week. The. Web site says 3 to 8 days from ordering. They did not dispatch nil the 7.th. Now been told won't be here for another week by which time we won't be here. To get a refund they have to get them back. I am only hoping they are not left on my front door mat for a month.
This could have been avoided if we were told they could not dispatch on day of order as per the website or meet their delivery times.
Vale OK but Wizard much cheaper and you can go into the shop. I ordered on line as I can't drive for 6 weeks due to a shoulder operation/sling. Never again

Approximate cost: $119

#14 in Alexandra Hills QLD
80 reviews · 40% trust · 7600 points
01 Nov 2015

Great place to get all the things that you need it is really easy.
their prices are really great

#1 in Manly Vale NSW
339 reviews · 100% trust · 26990 points
23 Jun 2015

There is a HUGE range of products at Pharmacy Direct. I always get any Pain relief from here as they have the best prices. They are great for bulk orders too.

21 Aug 2013

I have found the staff to be very approachable and happy to offer advise. Sometime it seems to take awhile for the scripts to be filled, however I am happy to wait as I know that my questions are always answered.

16 Aug 2013

great pharmacy great special and a huge range of products. my only gripe is why does it take so long to get a script? why is it that they do about 5 scripts before giving them out. so you have to wait so long. do a script up and issue it straight away instead of making everyone waiting.

14 Aug 2013

This place has always given the best prices & a good place in easy reach to get too for my children if they need something, incase there sick. I recommend them.

Approximate cost: $5

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