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11 May 2015

The environment at Phoenix Studios is perfect for a city getaway and a great place to get to work on all things musical and sound. Combined with quality gear, large studio space and of course Justin, who is an extremely proficient musician, engineer, producer. Great to work with. Love this place.

Hi Maryanne, Thanks so much for taking time to review Phoenix Sound Studios and for your very kind words. You're welcome back anytime. I can't wait to hear your next project. Cheers, Justin. Phoenix Sound Studios

Cara Richards
04 May 2015

Justin treats his clients as friends. He is very accommodating and knows his stuff well. He has made my music sound even better than I have imagined it, with his sound engineering prowess and state-of-the-art recording equipment. That makes Phoenix Sound Studios the best of its kind in Melbourne.

18 Feb 2015

I have used Justin's highly functional and quality driven Phoenix Sound Studios as both a vocalist and bass player. For the vocal work I was both singing and reciting poetry in the vocal booth. My comfort in the booth was Justin's primary concern and his use of versatile microphones such as the Bluebird Condenser, heeded great results. Justin's studio is also equally well fitted out for superior bass guitar recordings. The set up was easy and again, Justin's direction and obvious experience as an engineer, shone through. If you want a low fuss recording experience in a beautiful and natural environment, make Phoenix Sound Studios your next recording home.

Hey Suz, thanks heaps for your very kind words. It was a pleasure recording you. You have such a natural musical ability with your singing and bass playing and it made my job much easier. I look forward to having you guys back here soon. More coffee too! I promise! Justin - Phoenix Sound Studios

16 Feb 2015

I have been fortunate to work with Rhianna, Chris Brown, Lionel Richie and a host of other of today's top artists. I also toured with Grammy Award winning guitarist Vernon Reid and have recorded in New York to LA and everywhere in between. Without a doubt my favourite place to record is Phoenix Sound Studios in Melbourne Australia. Justin Humphries is a world class sound engineer and producer and has an incredible sounding recording studio with awesome gear. He is also a great multi-instrumentalist too. Justin has recorded numerous songs that I have been involved with and played sessions for. He does an amazing job and works very efficiently. Whatever your project, call Justin at Phoenix Sound Studios. There isn't anything he can't handle!

Magesh – Melbourne Australia

Wow thanks Magesh. I am really flattered by your comments. I donâ??t think my head I can fit through the recording studio door at this moment. Seriously though, itâ??s always a pleasure working with you on your projects and I look forward to your next recording that you have planned. Cheers, Justin - Phoenix Sound Studios

13 Feb 2015

Phoenix Sound Studios is definitely one of the best recording studios in Melbourne. Justin really knows his stuff and made my music sound much better than I would ever have imagined. He is friendly, accommodating and takes the time to get to know his clients.

The sound of the studio is second to none. I loved the vocal and drum sounds. Absolutely remarkable! Those room mics where sweet! I knew Justin is an amazing drummer but I didn't know he plays bass guitar really well too!

Wonderful tranquil surroundings. Highly recommended!

Hi Randy,
Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my recording studio. I appreciate your honesty. Working with you on your project was a complete joy and Iâ??m happy that you are pleased with the result. Thanks for your compliments regarding my drumming, bass playing and vocal sounds too. I look forward to working with you on your next upcoming project.
Phoenix Sound Studios

08 Feb 2015

Don't spend years on your craft and then do a cheap low fi recording. Get something back that sounds like the effort you've put in and measures up internationally with other studios at all stages pre and post production. You never know who will hear what release and imagine (or even worse you've experienced) the recorded sound let it down your project. That will not happen here, awesome gear unbelievably good custom designed rooms with great acoustics

Approximate cost: $6000

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your feedback and for kind comments regarding my recording studio. It's really appreciated. I look forward to working on your next project with you.


08 Feb 2015

I recently had 4 projects in Cubase that needed to be mixed down and mastered. I also had a need for some creative input
on several of these same tracks (drumming and bass). Results were extraordinary, tight and punchy, including dynamic mastering down to 44.1/24bit.

Justin is running a great facility (.....situated in a rustic part of Melbourne, well designed and full of light......) and is all over the creative, performance and technical aspects of the recording process. Great coffee too. If you know what you want, press the GO button at Phoenix.....job done. Simple.

Gary Hodges, Wattle Glen (Feb 2015)


Approximate cost: $670

Hi Gary,
I really appreciate your feedback and kind comments regarding my recording studio. I really enjoyed working with you on your material and look forward to pressing the "GO button" on your upcoming songs. Regards,
Phoenix Sound Studios

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