3 reviews about Pizza Capers

22 Jul 2012

It's really good to have some different gormet pizza even if it costs a little more. I wasn't happy with the garlic bread pizza however really loved the reef and beef with hollandaise sauce, can't wait to have theis pizza again. just not that delivery normally takes 40 minutes so order early

Approximate cost: $20

primbinda 22 Jul 2012 · 100% Trust

Yes it is good pizza

14 Feb 2011

Tried ordering 2 pizzas over the phone and it took the operator approximately half an hour to figure out how to put it into the system. I should have made the dough and baked it myself. Then when I picked it up the order was wrong...

26 Feb 2008

The last two times I have been to this store, I have had the delight of finding hair in my food. The first time in a pizza, the second time in a calzone. And I am not just talking about a single hair - I am talking multiple pieces. I was promised action over the incidents but received no follow up response or recompense. In my opinion it is unacceptable to have foreign objects in food. For the price of their food I was expecting a much better standard. I have rated the service lower because of their lack of response, and the value lower because the reality is the food is expensive for what you are getting.

Approximate cost: $18

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