6 reviews about Pizzaland

07 Aug 2013

Their Pizza's are very fresh and have a fantastic Pizza Base. Which is always a great start. Plenty of toppings to go around and a great selection of different pizza's. Service is very quick. overall a fantastic pizza

Approximate cost: $16

24 Apr 2011

They always put heaps of toppings on your pizza good value for money, and are open late for a great snack good parking as well.

Approximate cost: $15.00

05 Nov 2009

Pizzas with lots of topping is the go for Pizzaland. Definitely better than your dial a pizza mobs. For something different try their spare ribs. They are very saucy and tasty to boot.

Approximate cost: $13.00

13 Mar 2009

If it is at all possible - there is simmply too mucg topping!!!
It becomes little more than a cheesy pile of ham.
I would not go back unless I found out they had changed it to what I expected from a relatively independant Pizzaria - which is like Dominoes but with more flavour and class

22 Oct 2008

They make fantastic pizzas with lots of toppings! These pizzas are way better than your Pizza Hut, Eagle Boy alternatives and once you have tried their pizzas you will never ever go back again.

19 Jan 2008

They have a great range of Pizza, Mexican and Italian food to take home. Food is always of the same high standard and nice staff to deal with. Also delivers to your house.

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