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02 Aug 2017

As a local, I go no further than this splendorous gem tucked away in the iconic Art Deco postal building of Melbourne. Greeted each time by name the staff are more like family to me but as I sit there you notice they take the same approach with every patron that walks in the door.

#3 in Templestowe Lower VIC
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05 Nov 2013

A bit expensive for some items, great value for others.
For instance, our group had various lunches of the daily salads and soups.
A small salad, is the size of a medium sized rice bowl and costs $9.
Given that the salads on offer were quinoa, rice and bean salad respectively, (without particular feature ingredients or other much variety of other ingredients in the salads, it seemed that $9 was a substantial amount to pay for a small bowl of grains.
The soups on the other hand were substantially sized and offered great value at $12. The soup on offer on the day an asian both with dumplings. Served in a medium sized soup plate, the broth was a rich and clear consumme with 4 large dumplings filled pork, herbs etc.
There is not much atmosphere at this cafe, a slightly grassroots, indie vibe.

Approximate cost: $9

babenreviewer 05 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

i've been told it is very indie melbourne, in terms of vice as well xx

21 Dec 2009

i've been going to this cafe for lunch for years. the service has been consistently good. the food is freshly made and the coffee is excellent. staff love to have a bit of a chat and it makes it for a relaxing few minutes in the middle of the day. well done guys.

02 Mar 2008

great custom and coffee and food-friendly. check out their crazy coffee ordering system. great coffee guy kev who will re make your coffee if its not right...

Approximate cost: $8.00

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