2 reviews about Princes Hill Primary School

29 Feb 2012

This is a very liberal school, but saying that, it does mean that because there are all sorts of students there from different ethnic, religious and lifestyle backgrounds, it means that I dont have to worry about my son being picked on for his glasses or being skinny etc. They have a very hands on learning style which is perfect for my son. The teachers are addressed by their first names, they don't have a uniform, they children are exposed to all sorts of excellent and varied experiences and learning opportunities. Because I don't pick up and drop off my son I do find it hard to communicate with the teachers, so miss out on information regularly that is announced to the parents. They do have a different learning style, and I'm not sure it will be helpful in the long run, but for now, it suits my son where he is at.

05 May 2008

I went to Princes Hill Primary School. I found most of the teachers of high quality and were really commited and enthusiastic about their work. However, bullying was rife in the school and it was largely ignored by staff and there was no school policies as to how to combat this problem. The admin team are of low quality and seem to run the school as a business rather then an education institution. Overall, it was a fairly average experience.

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