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18 Jun 2018

Perfect for home use. Easy to operate as a non-professional and alleviates pain, arthritis, dislocations, stiff neck, frozen shoulders, sore throats, you name it, it helps and does so effectively. My whole family uses it and I honestly wouldn't do without this lazer. Outstanding product from an outstanding company. I recommend without hesitation.

16 Jun 2018

Purchase transaction completed with no fuss. The Pulse Laser is an excellent and effective product (used by myself and my wife for bursitis, arthritis and back pain.

15 Jun 2018

Supply of the device was excellent and quick. I am using it for osteoarthritis and neuropathy pain relief in my hands and feet. I find it helps considerably with both of these conditions. I would recommend it. It is very easy to use and recharges quickly.

Approximate cost: $575

14 Jun 2018

Prior to using the Pulse Laser device, I made use of a tens machine to minimise arthritic pain, especially in hands, shoulders and feet. Now that I have a Pulse Laser, I find it easier to use and more effective than my old tens machine.

One of the few restrictions I have experienced is the difficulty of using the Pulse Laser for back pain. Especially if you need to apply pressure, it is challenging to keep the Laser in position, without the assistance of another.

Altogether, an effective pain reliever and very easy to use in most situations.

14 Jun 2018

I find the Pulse Laser very effective. I got user advice from my physio. I like the fact that the beam is (used correctly) essentially non-invasive and it works to reduce or relieve pain.

13 Jun 2018

I originally bought this to ease arthritis in my feet but have used on my shoulder and to ease arthritis in my hand. Especially good after a day at work, just run it over the sore points and the pain eases. I would certainly recommend the pulse laser relief to anyone wanting to ease arthritis pain.

13 Jun 2018

Love it. Amazing. Carry it everywhere and recommend it to everyone. Don't want to imagine life without it. Received the product exceptionally fast. Use it on my brain as well as organs, tissue, etc. Only issue was forgot recharge cord when went overseas and was told it would ruin it if I used a different cord...voltage difference?

12 Jun 2018

Wonderful device, easy to use, purchased one for my neck and shoulder problems but also found it useful for soft tissue injuries and muscle tension. Relief was noticeable almost immediately. Have recommended it to many friends.

12 Jun 2018

This is a handy little device - simple to use, effective and reasonably priced. Worth having in every home first aid kit.

12 Jun 2018

A fantastic product! I have used it for superficial burns, inflammations, sprained ankle and and bruises. The recovery periods were much quicker than normal.
I have also used a low dose on my partially paralysed cat. It has not cured her but has given her obvious pain relief.
I highly recommend it.

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