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53 reviews about Pulse Laser Relief

14 Feb 2017

I started to use the Handy Cure Laser after my initial laser course at Quantum Pain Management, at the recommendation from the doctor there.

I have severe arthritis on the medial side of my left knee and after tearing the medial meniscus it exposed bone on bone. I managed this with Synvisc injections from my orthopaedic surgeon over two years but these became ineffective. I then had PRP injections, a course of three with good effect which lasted for several months.

In October 2016 after reading about cold laser I contacted Quantum. I am a specialist doctor and understand the process.

I completed the initial laser course in early December 2016 and went on a trip to Patagonia where I was trekking in the mountains. I took the Handy Cure with me and used it after a long walk. Initially we were trekking for 5 consecutive days then had 3 days rest then 2 more consecutive days, 2 days rest and shorter easier walks over the next 5 days. I used the Handy Cure during the big treks. I had minimal pain which settled well with minimal discomfort in between.

I had my final check up with Quantum on 30th January and don’t need to see them again. I have been advised to get another PRP injection to assist the healing process from cold laser. I trek train walk for 3 hours one night a week and over the next 3 months every second Sunday morning. I plan to trek in Nepal in October so if the current improvement continues that should be possible.

24 Jan 2017

I have used the laser following major surgery for Lipoedema on swelling, inflammation, scars and lymphatics. I found it be amazing in reducing all of these symptoms and improving the healing and decreasing the pain and uncomfortable tension associated with this surgery. It has enabled me to provide my own treatment rather than seeing a therapist for regular treatments at a larger cost. As it has so many uses I know it will come in handy for other members of my family. Thank you

19 Jan 2017

I use the Handy Cure Laser for a range of things, from keeping my fibromyalgia under control, to headaches, to cramps after exercise. Even my partner, who was sceptical, uses it for his reflux now and any back twinges he gets. 'Handy' is definitely the word - it's like a painkiller, only much much better!

18 Jan 2017

the pulse laser relief is very effective in reducing inflammation. i have MS and the laser reduces the inflammation and consequent spasticity. My chiropractor recommended it.

15 Dec 2016

The Handy Cure laser has had a great effect on really helping my pain. I have 5 squashed disks, arthritis and fibromyalgia. I will very honestly say that the pain has been halved since using the laser. I’m very happy that I have found this product. Living with less pain is fantastic. Lisa M.

24 Nov 2016

The Handy Cure Laser is the best investment I have ever made! I'm so glad my Chiropractor recommended that I purchase one for myself.
I started a new job last June and was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain). I was spending long hours on my feet, and by the end of the day, walking was very painful. I would sit down each night and use my Handy Cure Laser which gave me so much relief from the pain.

My feet still get a bit sore, but because I have the Laser, I'm not worried at all, as I know that I have my little miracle machine to get me up and running again.

23 Nov 2016

The handy cure laser for lymphoedema management resulting from breast cancer - I do see a difference in managing this condition. This treatment compliments ongoing oncological massage. It softens the tissue making the drainage of fluid possible. Without doing so, this fluid would accumulate and cause pain. Even more concerning is the fluid has protein and can lead to cellulitis (speaking from experience up to 3 hospitalisations 2015).

Using it every day, several times a day to better manage my situation. The charge holds well and it is safe to use freely without worry that I'll damage my skin. In the process I've also used it for tension headache until I found the cause being clenching (with the help of my dentist). The cost does outweigh the benefits if you use it every day.

Massiel B.

08 Nov 2016

I have nerve damage to L4 and L5 and since using the laser have found that the pain has decreased and allowed me to do things I couldn't before. It was recommended to me by my osteopath who loaned one to me. We take it everywhere with us. My husband has a whiplash injury and finds using the laser certainly gives some relief.
My 84 year old mother is a testament to it as 6 weeks before a knee replacement our osteopath used it on her knee area and the end result was a quicker than usual recovery which the doctor had not seen. She then had continuous treatment for 6-8 weeks after op to boost recovery. I purchased one to have at home and she decided to buy one for herself and hasn't looked back. Today I purchased one for my sister as she has found use of it by our osteopath and chiropractor has been beneficial to her lower back problem.
Use of this at home also means we don,t have as many trips to the surgery for adjustments etc.
Recommend talking to your osteopath or chiropractor about the use of this magic machine which stops having to used pain killers all the time and allows me to lead a more normal life now.

26 Sep 2016

I have been very happy with my Handy Cure Laser. I am pain free and if I find I am getting a twinge after work in the garden etc I just reach for my laser and apply it to the offending body part and usually find by morning I am pain free again. I originally used it for my shoulders and knees, after a couple of weeks the pain had gone!
It sits ready to use in my 'remedial corner' along with a massager. Thank you for a great product.
Sharon F. Alstonville NSW

23 Aug 2016

My wife and I have been using the laser for a few months now and mainly find it does help to reduce pain from injuries. My wife has sustained an injury to her heal and although it hasn't gone away the use of the laser reduces soreness and she finds it soothing. Personally my ankle injury has completely gone and although would have healed eventually itself the use of the laser again reduced the soreness and may have improved the recovery. Marc A. Yokine WA

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