7 reviews about Racecourse Hotel

05 Sep 2013

Fansty place. Lots of pokies, i won 1100 here. Meals are lovely. Bit over priced. Service is soso depends on the day. Tab area is big. Great place to watch the sports on the big tv. But you kind of feel underdressed went going in. VERY FANSTY for a hotel toilets are always clean and smelling nice

Approximate cost: $26

jodiep6 05 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

At least. You had a good win,great review.

25 Aug 2011

the service here is great, very friendly and helpful. The kids meals are $8.00 the size of the kids meal is good value if your child is approx 8 years old, however for a toddler it's really big my toddler had roast and vegies and his dinner was bigger than the senior's meal excatly same meal. The location of the bar area where you buy your drinks from is located 100m inside the gaming room, and when a toddler runs up to a parent the staff are very quick to tell them not to allow minors in the gaming room, which is understandable but serving drinks area from a different part of the bar would be helpful, also its really hard to find a park.

Approximate cost: $18.50

20 Jun 2011

The racecourse hotel, has a very friendly, warm family astosphore , the food is delicous, have a big range to cater for everyones taste, the children' meals are a decent size kids meal. The schniztels are really tasty and offer a lot of different toppings on top. Only down side is it is really hard to find a carpark, as the hotel is on the corner and there is a heap of traffic.

Approximate cost: $15.00

02 May 2011

cheap good quality counter meal deals if you eat in one of the bars. A warm friendly atmosphere in all areas. An attractive pub that is nice to visit for a few drinks with friends too.

Approximate cost: $10-25

15 Sep 2009

I went to this place with my soccer team as our match got cancelled. Although we all were were upset about the cancellation. However we planned to go for few drinks at Racecourse Hotel. The place was so friendly and we enjoyed there so much that we even stayed there for our lunch there. The lunch was very good at reasonable price. The free buns were delicious and we fully enjoyed watching tennis there. Its a good place i found for enjoying sports with drinks.

Approximate cost: $15

06 May 2009

Your typical nice little suburban pub. Located not too far from the Caulfield Racecourse. Good for a relaxing meal during the week when its fairly quiet. Food is pretty decent & the steak is particularly nice. They also have a $9.90 menu for those not wanting to go out without spending too much.

Approximate cost: $15

26 Sep 2007

a reasonable price as you would expect for a standard pub meal here! can't complain about it, i recommend getting the wedges and sour cream here though they are huge, there is a function room up stairs here good for parties! and a sports bar that gets busy on a sat

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