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69 reviews about Ready Flowers

19 Aug 2016

Good though I was surprised how late the flowers got delivered. The recipient say they were lovely when they did arrive.

18 Aug 2016

The whole process was easy, and fast delivery. Hardest part was picking which flower arrangement to order, loads to choose from.

18 Aug 2016

Beautiful fresh flowers the same as the picture. Delivery was prompt. Excellent service. Well priced

18 Aug 2016

Using Ready Flowers to send flowers to our friends was a totally painless experience. The website was easy to use and the flowers were delivered promptly the next business day. Thank you

15 Aug 2016

Quick, professional and exactly the arrangement I was looking for. I got a phone call from my friend straight away who absolutely loved them. Thank you, I'll be using your service again.

15 Aug 2016

I sent flowers to my mum in New Zealand for her birthday and she said they were absolutely beautiful! Thanks for making it so easy!

15 Aug 2016

Flowers ordered in the morning and arrived the same day before lunch. Great service and the flowers were beautiful.

15 Aug 2016

Flowers were ordered mid morning and delivered after 2pm as requested. Recipient was very happy with the arrangement. This is a very easy way to send flowers to loved ones.

15 Aug 2016

Thank you so much for the lovely flowers, my 90 year old grandpa loved them, it made his day! :-)

15 Aug 2016

It was great, fast and easy. My mum got her flowers the same day I ordered it and they were beautiful! Thanks so much!

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