4 reviews about Rhodes & Beckett

29 Sep 2016

I purchased three shirts online and they didn't arrive so I phoned to ask about the delay. They told me that one item wasn't in stock so they didn't post any. I told them that other retailers would normally send out the 2 products with a note apologising for the missing item. They didn't seem to care one little bit. I ordered a dress from the UK and it arrived within 3 days with no need for any follow up or hassle. Australian retailers moan about folks purchasing products overseas but maybe they should invest that energy in fixing their terrible business systems and customer service?

Approximate cost: $300

14 Aug 2011

The woman who wrote a bad review about this brand seems to be way off track. I have been buying Rhodes shirts now for years, they are a bit more expensive than others, but they last the test of time. If you get on the mailing list you often get great deals, which is a great example of rewarding loyal customers. The shirts dint fade, are eater to iron than any others I've found and continue to look amazing for a long time.

Approximate cost: $160

26 Jul 2010

Bought a dress from them and when I released after 48 hours that size was bit large - went in to the store again requesting for a smaller size. Apparently they did not have any stock left so I asked for refund - staff member started shouting, must be having a bad day. Moved on to serve other customer without excusing leaving me standing there. When I went to her to complete serving the current customer - GET OUT OF HERE - exact words. I left the dress on counter and walked out. Left the feedback on their website contact us email to let the business owner know. No response as yet.

Looks like they train their staff very nicely. Instructions flows from Top.

I am their old customer.

Dress was bought on Wed evening and I was back in store on Saturday morning. I liked the dress and wanted smaller size. I might have taken store credit if I was offered.

This store has just lost it, business owner dont know what is happening or he just wants to get ride of some stock at every cost. even at cost of losing cusotmer, Rhodes and Beckett dont care, they will get another customer, fool that and on and on it goes.........only if word goes around will the business owner wake up.......

Approximate cost: $200

30 Sep 2007

I've been to the Melbourne Central store several times to buy shirts. Rhodes and Beckett shirts are of outstanding quality, with a good range of colours and styles. They also sell ties, cufflinks and now suits (for women too). Expensive, so it's worth getting on the mailing list and taking advantage of sales - usually twice a year and you can get up to 50% off - well worth it for superb shirts.

Approximate cost: $150 for a shirt

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