9 reviews about Roseville Cinemas

16 Aug 2018

Visited this establishment last night to watch Back to Burgundy, the staff were helpful and the tickets were reasonably priced ($35 for a student and adult). The cinemas were of an older style, clean and well-kept, however the chairs were a little uncomfortable and could have been a bit more plush. Sound and picture quality were perfect, definitely enjoyed myself.

Approximate cost: $35

16 Dec 2013

Nice old style theatre with beautiful decor and comfortable seating.

Located close to Roseville training station and bus stops, this theatre not only has the standard movies but also plays weird and wonderful French and other none mainstream movies.

Approximate cost: $13+

02 Aug 2012

I enjoy going to this cinema. It is near the station, and I have never found difficulty parking if I drive. The decor is nice, and I like the fact that they show 'different' films to the larger chains.

16 Dec 2011

I live just across the cinema, so I pretty much get to see how packed and full the cinema gets on peak days.

The movie titles aren't exactly congruent with my taste, but I had my fair share of visits. It seems like sometimes you get unlucky with the inexperienced staffs, but I can understand, they're just learning.

Most of the times 3/4 I was happy with the service. If the right films are being screened, I will be queuing up to get my tix, saves me a lot of time. Doesn't happen often enough though.

Many seem to enjoy the free parking across highway, I never needed one, I just walk there, 1 min on foot.

15 Nov 2011

Very, very disappointed - inflexible, unhelpful staff. Would never return again and would not recommend to anyone--- the opposite in fact. I won a prize for 2 free tickets to a movie they were showing, they had few people seeing this film yet they would not accept my tickets "due to policy" even though they were not one of the cinemas listed as not accepting the tickets. I'd spent the whole afternoon getting 3 younger children ready to take the eldest child to this movie and travelled way out of area to use the tickets and they refused. Said I could buy one of the tickets instead.

15 Aug 2009

I have been to Roseville Cinemas on numerous occasions. There is usually an excellent selection of films - some of them new releases and others more in the category of specialist art films/world movies. The seats are comfortable and if you are a senior, you can join their gold class section and receive a great discount. By subscribing (free) you can be notified of the session times and films for the forthcoming week. The email contains a further possible discount for gold class members for one of the movies. The staff are friendly and competent. Additionally, there are promotions where you can obtain free tickets. Situated across the road from Roseville train station and with car parking behind, it is accessible for all.

28 Jun 2009

We have visited this cinema many times. It is easier to access and get free parking close by than some of the bigger chains. It shows some unusual films as well as new releases. The cinema is family friendly, having a crying room for parents with small children. Seniors pay reduced rates.

Approximate cost: $9

16 May 2008

I like the Roseville cinemas - they're quieter and less commercial than hoyts or greater union. There's a relaxed atmosphere. I also like the movies which come out there - usually a good selection of genres and internation films. The movie snacks however are quite expensive.

Cros 27 Jan 2011 · 60% Trust

I find Roseville's candy bar prices quite reasonable compared with other cinemas.

29 Apr 2008

Roseville cinemas has shows a good range of art-house films that are not always available in the larger cinema chains. It is a short walk from Roseville station, making it a convenient option for those who rely on public transport.

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