16 reviews about Roseys Talent Mgt

15 Jul 2018

Extremely satisfied with Roseys. Joined at the end of January and have since been put forward for a number of varied and exciting roles across print, TV and film. Highly recommend Roseys to my friends and family. Love your work Joshua and the team!! CW

22 Jun 2018

Total rip off!!!! So unprofessional. Will promise the world the demand you pay 400 bucks for photos to be represented. The agents are incredibly rude too. Save your time and go elsewhere

21 Jun 2018

Great agency. Brilliant people. Superior service. Quality jobs. Excellent referrals. Very handy if you wanna make some extra money. Moved to Sydney from the Gold Coast four months ago and was spotted at Bondi Beach by their talent scout. Highly recommend. Give it a go.

11 Jun 2018

The minute I walked into the office, I instinctively knew I was in the right place. Roseys exceeds the definition of professionalism, putting me to work instantly on a five-day shoot in the Blue Mountains for a TV mini-series, if you haven't already visited I would strongly suggest you do so. Fast! It could change your life.

Approximate cost: $300

15 May 2018

From December 2013 until July 2015, I worked at Roseys Talent Consultants as a Stakeholder Relations Co-ordinator. In that role, I was responsible for representing and promoting talent in dealings with clients, drafting and implementing dispute resolution agreements, setting up photographic equipment and taking photos of new talent procured by the agency, generating and acquiring new business referrals to the agency and collaborating with the senior management team to develop ideas and implementing those ideas for improving the agency. My 18-month tenure with Roseys is one that I will always remember and be extremely thankful for. I had the good fortune and privilege of working with one of the most experienced, professional and dynamic teams in the industry. I would strongly recommend Roseys to any potential talent and/or employee. L

23 Apr 2018

Incredible team. As a pornographic actress born and raised in Van Nuys, California I thought the transition to more a more mainstream and respected medium would be tough but Roseys made it so much easier, I've been in Sydney for almost a year and thought I would try getting work in regular TV shows and commercials, I applied at FIVE other agencies and they ALL turned me away on account of my former life as a porn star in America though they didn't admit it, I applied at Roseys and what a difference!! I got a gig for modelling lingerie in a department store magazine within a week of signing up and more quality jobs have followed since. My debt to Roseys and her brilliant team is truly beyond measure! MM xx

df224 24 Apr 2018 · 0% Trust

what's your porn name?

29 Mar 2018

Started with print work in magazines then got offered extra roles in television and film, consistently getting work and making new friends. The superior level of service at Roseys is incalculable. I am better off having joined this amazing company. Big things to come in 2018.

29 Mar 2018

my wife and i have been with Roseys for 5 years now and we absolutely love the agency and the team! we have been given several roles each and actually got selected for 2 jobs together which was a blast!

28 Mar 2018

Roseys Talent Consultants have been nothing but amazing for myself and my acting career! 24 years in the industry says it all ... amazing staff and huge client base :) I wouldn't recommend any other agency! ROSEYS 5STAR!

08 Mar 2018

Not even worth the 1 star, the most unprofessional and fake bunch of human beings I’ve ever met. 5 months and still not received my refund , straight after they take your money they don’t look at you as priority. I call every month with the same excuse that there’s nothing they can do and I have to wait. Don’t use them!!! They’re only in it to take your money

Approximate cost: $450

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