6 reviews about Roseys Talent Mgt

16 Jan 2018

Got charged $400 cash for terrible "professional" photos and never heard from them definitely wouldn't recommend them.

14 Jan 2018

Fantastic Agency.
BIGGEST and longest running in Australia.
Heaps of work available..working with the biggest brands and names in the world....true winners.

30 Jul 2017

Signed up for 2 years with previous modelling experience cost $450 (which we were told was a special price). Attended their unprofessional photoshoot as well even though I had previous job pictures which were of much higher quality and when I ask if they could use my other ones I was rejected and never replied to. In my 2 years I only ever got one casting for a bowling commercial when I was promised I would be only given Modeling jobs. They're probably better for commercial acting I guess. A big scam nonetheless.. don't promise modelling jobs when you don't get any! A scam.

Approximate cost: $450

16 Nov 2016

Worst agency Iv ever experienced, been with this company for over 9 months now. Got charge $350 to join even tho I have a great portfolio. YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO PAY TO
JOING A AGENCY, but I was promised jobs as soon as I was signed up which funny enough never happened! Still not heard from the agency since they got there money PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM [retracted generalisation]


Approximate cost: $350

09 Sep 2016

Roseys are a very hard working , dedicated team. working hard every day ,in every way to enhance peoples careers.
Wow one of Sydney,s leading agency , established since 1994.
the Name speaks for it self.
They are not only Agents , they are your friends.
CALL ROSEYS 92836369
see how your look could , work for you.
great team leaders

03 Jul 2015

Roseys Talent Mgt is a major disappointment. If you are interested in extras work, print work or modelling and require representation, I recommend avoiding this place! The staff are nice as pie when you come in convincing you to spend money on photos and representation. I spent $450 for 2 years representation and considering how they have treated me since I paid up, I highly regret trusting these people. They are rude when I contact them about my profile and availability to work, it is a complete change from the day I went in to sign up. They talk to me like I am stupid and beneath them, certainly not a valued client in any way, shape or form. I heard negative feedback about them before I joined up, that they take you money, you are lucky to get a call about any type of work and you never hear from them again. I did not listen, and as a consequence I have now be burned also. My only saving grace is that I didn't sign up for the 5 years representation package and outlay even more money. Ignore all the empty promises and glitz you receive at Roseys Talent Mgt, these people are unprofessional and you will have better luck with other extras agencies.

Approximate cost: $450

Iloveshopping 15 Jul 2015 · 100% Trust

sorry to hear about your experience with this business

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