7 reviews about Saam Thai Restaurant

08 Mar 2018

wow what a delicious tasting meal and a very cheap way to fill your belly.i loved every bite of my dish and also ordered more to take home with me-excellent service and a very clean and super friendly staff.

06 Mar 2018

the staff lady who works here is very friendly and helps you with your order if you do not know what you want...the food is very nice and fresh,lovely aromas surround this shop.

Approximate cost: $13

07 Jun 2014

Hadn't been for a while and had take away tonite. I love their curry puffs, flaky pastry with soft curry veges inside, yum! I also had veg and chicken pad thai, it was nice enough but they forgot the lemon which really lifts the flavour!

10 Aug 2013

Been here a few times now and went last Thursday lunch. Good deal 12 bux for dish n rice, drink and pieces of entree. I ordered curry puff's, very nice and Penang Beef. The beef was nice and soft and tasty not like other were it is really tough! Overall a great experience and Ill go back again. It is nice inside and the staff are really lovely and helpful.

Approximate cost: $12

18 May 2012

I fondly remember going to this restaurant for a pre-christmas dinner with a group I belong to.The food was fabulous & the service not too bad although it was a year or so ago.I fully intend to visit here again.

07 Jan 2011

This restaurant is a nice place and reasonable price to dine in. The lady is very friendly and willing to talk through about your preferences. The most important thing is BYO.

Approximate cost: $15

09 Jul 2008

This is a little out of the way. Decor average. Service is very good. The ladies are friendly and polite. They offer a large range of dishes and are willing to alter the dishes to suit your preferences. The meals are reasonably priced. BYO

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