12 reviews about Safeway

14 May 2012

the staff are always really friendly and helpful and everything is so easy to find. the price is good too.

16 Oct 2010

OK store, poor range and service though
Their best system so far is the petrol dockets on a plastic card!

18 May 2010

I love Safeway! they can be annoying at times but what supermarket annoying shit you up the wall from time to time. Their best system so far is the petrol dockets on a plastic card! i never loose my card in my wallet unlike the coles dockets that seem to go walk abouts all the time!

23 Sep 2009

Safeway has always been my comfort. It has got everything. I prefer it than coles because their prices are cheaper and in greater range. Service needs to be improved, though.

01 May 2009

it was the the best I've experienced service and it's in a pretty handy location as well as it is close to the places where i generally do my shopping. library is close by as well as macdonalds. prices are reasonable and quality of the produce is fresh.

08 Apr 2009

I shop at Safeway almost every day. I have previously spoken to 2 very courteous employees there about the difficulty in finding tinned or packaged goods made in Australia. Today I got so sick of reading where the products came from....not Australia, I emptied my basked and drove to IGA Burke Road and shopped more successfully there. So from now on, it's IGA for me. Thank you.

02 Mar 2008

I have found that they are starting to carry a few new things that have been good, but still find it hard to get things that have been on special because they always seem to be sold out of everything.

09 Jan 2008

The safeway in Balwyn is OK. It's a bit small, and sometimes does not have what I need. But the staff are reasonable friendly (no more so than you'd expect), and the prices reasonable. Although they have a limited range of stock they are no worse or any better than what I'd expect from a safeway store!

28 Sep 2007

Huge range of everything you can imagine, no need to look elsewhere, the red spot sales are also very handy as the price mark downs can be ridiculous, in a good way, the staff are more often than not very friendly in all departments

27 Sep 2007

This is your average safeway with most things you need, the prices are quite good and the staff are as what you would expect, This safeway dos seem to be a little to small for the demand in the area.

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