4 reviews about Salon Lelu

14 Dec 2009

I loved my haircut from them (an 'Amelie-style' bob)! Both the girls were extremely friendly and made it a great relaxing experience. The decor and atmosphere at the salon is lovely. They have discounts for students and seniors, which is great! (I'm a student!) It still seemed a little pricey to me, but maybe because that's because I haven't been to many hairdressers (they're still a fair bit cheaper than the salon up the road!)

Approximate cost: $65 (50 students)

16 Nov 2009

The ladies are fantastic and very friendly I am using this salon for my wedding day and the girls have been very helpful and always obliging. They are very professional and unlike other hairdresser are not pushy. I enjoyed using this salon whereas I usually hate going to get my hair cut.

Approximate cost: $70 per head

01 Aug 2009

Used to be great, unfortunately their best hair cutters have left. The two still there are friendly but not good at cutting hair that's not run of the mill
(ie not straight). Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend them anymore as there's plenty of other places with more experienced haircutters close by.

Approximate cost: $60

Shaini 10 Mar 2010 · 60% Trust

Since I'm the one who put the comment there, I will elaborate. I have curly hair and Genene who used to cut it was great knew exactly what to do. The other girls could not cut curly hair, she cut the curls out. They may be okay for straight hair but definately it was not okay for curls.

15 Jan 2008

Extraodinarily friendly, reasonable prices and manage to stay on time for the most part. Always happy to 'squeeze you in" if they can and are experts at the old 'hairdresser gossip sessions'!

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