5 reviews about Scheherezade Restaurant

08 Jul 2009

The service is very poor and the meals although tasty are overpriced, Its a large venue with no atmosphere. They have a very limited staff which means a long wait. Most of the items I requested off the menu were not available which did not leave a good impression.

Approximate cost: $26

13 Mar 2009

I used to go here as a child when it was a small restaurant in Acland Street. It was a place my parents loved but the food was always a little heavy and oily for me. Now that it has moved to larger premises in Hawthorn Rd my folks had to try it again and we have been a couple of times for lunch. I had the chicken salad so managed to steer clear of the heavy stuff but the old favourites of schnitzel, boiled beef and European fare are still on the menu. The worst thing is the service which is slow and unprofessional. They seem to find it difficult to work in the larger venue and things are poorly organised and coordinated.

Approximate cost: $22

20 May 2008

fantastic food, just like my grandmother used to make. generous serves. the oly restraunt where i was told "don't order that. you've got too much food already"

Approximate cost: $10

30 Sep 2007

MMMMMMMMM what needs to be said but mmmmm. Try the cakes, try them all. They are in the window tempting you to walk on in and not on by. The coffee is good but the service can be a little brusk. Don't be perturbed by this.

Stevebrook 11 Oct 2007 · 60% Trust

The main feature of the Scheherazade menu is the schnitzels and the soups. They don't do curry laksa, but their barley soup is for fighting wars over!

16 Jun 2007

Nice home-style cooking

This is a small family run place that is great for some home-style cooking with a continental-jewish flavour. They have everything from soups to meat-balls. The Veal Schnitzel and salad was very nice and the helpings were large.

Approximate cost: $23

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