5 reviews about Sensis

08 Mar 2013

Hard to interact with as a customer. Will be ending contracts with Sensis at nest expiry.

Seems less relevant than it used to be. Don't see the value any more.

08 May 2012

I find myself using sensis all the time these days, have always been happy with the results and wojld recommend it

29 Apr 2010

well my experience was not as pleasant & for me I think I'm just cursed with some things as the 1st sales consultant was a complete nudnick who then could not show the basic common courtesy & business like professionalism manner to ever apologise or return calls!!

08 Jan 2009

excellent to the point results. No Crap included.. All time favourite in my bookmarks. if need be. This is the only truly local guide for me. GO SENSIS ! I highly recommend people using it

10 Jul 2008

I got my Yellow Pages Advertising for the 2008-2009 directory proof and's and customer service was outstanding and sales rep's very helpful. I would recommed Sensis to all new advertisers. Thanks.

Approximate cost: $2500

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