24 reviews about Singapore Airlines

20 Jan 2015

Singapore airlines is my favourite airline.

They provide superior service and you always feel very comfortable. The hostesses are always very pleasant and attentive.

I would like to fly them more but they are a little pricey.

15 Jun 2014

Singapore airlines is the best airline I have travelled on. In total I travelled on 5 airlines I always go on the cheapest airline at the time of my booking and Singapore airline staff were the most professional, no delays in flights and the stop over In Singapore was even better

Approximate cost: $850

georgem27 15 Jun 2014 · 90% Trust

I will definitely use this airline again

26 Sep 2012

The best airline without a doubt. I have travelled on few other airlines but Singapore Airlines is the best. Their service is fantastic. The airline is always on time. Staff on board are very friendly and easy going. I was lucky enough to travel on business class one time and it was the best experience ever. i had mother in law travelled on the airline and the assistance she got from the staff was fantastic. Highly recommended to anyone.

27 Nov 2011

A high quality airline with good service. I did a return to trip to Europe recently and service did vary between each leg, however. Amazingly the bathrooms are usually kept clean, unlike other airlines.

26 Nov 2011

Singapore Airlines always provide good onflight service. their food is always good and seems freshly prepared. I have travelled with 2 children on a long overnight flight and the staff were very attentive.

07 Jan 2011

Been one of the good one to flight with, they have good food on board. The girls are pretty and easy to look at. Most my friend likes them too. They also have decent entertainment system. Sits are bit bigger that the Asian airline such as Japan Air. Above average

16 Dec 2010

Brilliant service! Amazing with kids and adults alike! Great kids packs with games and activities and yummy meals to boot

09 Sep 2010

I have flown Singapore a number of times this year. The crew has been efficient and helpful. A380 is more impressive than expected, though the interiors of the 777s are getting seriously tired. Speaking about the exclusive 5-Star Airline ranking; Seat very comfortable and crew accommodating.

12 Jun 2010

Felt like an average flight to me, the service was pretty good, not the worst i've had but i've also had better, the only thing that really caught my attention was how good the food was, I had a steak for dinner and I swear it was the best steak i've ever had, and airplane food isn't ussually the best...

01 Jun 2010

We flew to Singapore then to Milan from Brisbane. There was my husband and i and my 2 children under (3 and 1). The crew on each flight were lovely. Nothing was too much trouble. They heated up the bottle for me before take off. When we were trying to get our luggage all together to get off the plane once landed, one of the male attendants helped us carry some to the door. It was muchly appreciated!!! Food was great for the kids. What they didn't eat me and my husband ate it!! LOL.

Approximate cost: $1900 per adult

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