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04 Jun 2014

I've always loved singing, but as a teenager I didn't have the strength or confidence in my voice to sing the way I wanted to. This was despite having taken a number of singing lessons with various teachers prior to meeting Julian. I first met Julian when I was around 16/17 (about half my lifetime ago now!) and from my first lesson with him, the things he taught me made so much sense. I enjoyed Julian's teaching so much; I continued to have lessons with him for some time until I was happy to continue working on my voice independently.

Part of the reason that I've enjoyed Julian's teaching so much over the years is that he's helped me to change the thought process behind my singing, constantly challenging thoughts which have limited me, and teaching me how to think about breathing and sound production in a way I don't think I could have gotten anywhere else. Because I know they work, I always use Julian's exercises when I want to work on and strengthen my voice. Sometimes I revisit his studio to get his one-on-one guidance, especially at times in my life when I've set myself new musical goals – his guidance always helps me to focus and achieve them.

I've achieved so many great things vocally thanks to Julian. It's been my experience that he really cares about teaching his students to become knowledgeable, self-sufficient singers with a great sense of musicianship, empowered with tools and understanding that can be carried throughout their musical lives. I highly recommend Julian's teaching.

28 May 2014

Working with Julian has been a great and enhancing singing experience. The logic he uses is effective to apply and has improved many aspects of singing ability such as breathing, singing technique, musicality and performance. I have been taught many skills which constantly help me to overcome any problems encountered in singing and I'm very happy with how my singing repertoire and confidence has broadened.

11 Apr 2014

Having no idea how to sing, I was glad to have found Singing Logic. After my first lesson, Julian changed what I thought would be impossible into something that made sense and achievable.

Julian provides a solid foundation in technique, with the focus on skills such as breathing, support, posture, placement of sound, achieving pure vowels, endurance, control and much more.

Julian teaches the necessary fundamentals which can be applied to any song or genre

30 Mar 2014

Lessons with Julian dramatically improved my range, control, vocal stamina, and consistency. Moreover, 'Singing Logic' equipped me with the skills and knowledge to be able to dissect and solve problems myself, using a logical and rational approach.

Singing Logic 31 Mar 2014

Thankyou so much for your ongoing support, Rosa. It has been a great experience teaching additional skills to such a talented performer in her own right.

17 Mar 2014

Julian's tuition has provided me with a practical methodology to improve the way I sing. He explains the mechanics of good singing in a way that is both easy to understand, and practical to apply.

Singing Logic 31 Mar 2014

Thanks Erin, for compliments about my approach. The reall buzz is mine, in helping you unlock the power and the beauty of your voice! :)

17 Mar 2014

On my first lesson I actually had tears when I found I could sing in a soprano range. Julian has a unique way of describing and explaining how to produce effective sounds. Other singing teachers and musical directors never really could! I'm now more confident in performing solo.

Singing Logic 31 Mar 2014

Those initial tears were quite unexpected, but seminal in bringing this teaching relationship together, and finding a much more confident singer than you started. Well done!

14 Mar 2014

I have always loved singing, but hated the sounds that I made when I tried. For decades I put this down to simply not being blessed with the required talent. But in the back of mind, I began to wonder if I took up tuition to teach me …. could it be remotely possible that I would be able to be better than I was.

Although dubious, I knew that unless I tried I'd never find out the answer to my question and so contact with Julian was made. To cover embarrassment I thought might befall me for even thinking the impossible to be possible, I told Julian I couldn't sing, that I sounded dreadful but that whilst I didn't hold high hopes I wanted to give it a shot. Julian told me, in that first phone call, "if you can talk, you can sing". Julian buoyed my confidence and my spirit and so began my lessons under his tutelage.

Julian spent so much time and patience with me, coaching me and through all this, bringing out in me a voice that could hit notes I never knew or thought possible. He taught me how to 'find' those notes and this experience allowed me to understand how and where to reach to achieve them. Julian's support, encouragement and guidance to this end has been invaluable and afforded me a fantastic experience.

For anyone who likes to sing, I say "sing - let no-one put you down for it". For anyone who likes to sing and wants to sing better than they think they're capable of, I say "give Julian a call". Just having that coaching behind you brings out more than you thought possible and you'll love realising your potential that you might have thought you never had.

Thanks Julian - they were fun times and a period I will never forget and always look fondly back on. And hey …. if I get a chance to get back to it, you'll be hearing from me again :) .

Singing Logic 31 Mar 2014

It would be so much fun to revisit your singing, Judi! :) We worked through many songs to a high standard, from a start that was definitley not a confident one! The way you took on board my teachings, and in particularr the rigorous nature of your practicing, produced remarkable results in only a few months. I have been sharing your story with subsequent students ever since, as a source of inspiration for them.

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