4 reviews about Skippers Fish and Chips

01 Feb 2012

The best fish and chips I have tried in Melbourne. It was reasonably priced: I paid $10 for the fish and chips pack, plus a coke and a large tomato sauce. The fish was fresh as, and the batter was perfect. Would recommend to everyone. Very good fish.

Approximate cost: $10

30 May 2010

Service and prices leave a little to be desired but the quality is second to none. I would seriously rate Skippers Fish & Chips the best I have ever tasted - and I've travelled! Yummo!!

01 Apr 2009

Well my dining experience was spent with my head over a toilet bowl-the chips were soggy and i declined the salad once a bit of it spilt onto her hand and then she scraped it back into the container with her hand and gave to me, so she thought it was fit for me to consume-they gave me a bad attitude and then when i had an issue with the salad they pretended not to understand what i was saying-i felt better however once i threw that shit up-chippery from hell? hmm...
This will teach them to give me attitude-horrific!

Approximate cost: $14.50

27 Aug 2007

The fish and chips is fresh, crisp and utterly delectable. It will leave you satisfied with all the greasy you want. I would like to say that Skipper has the personality of Gilligan but it is unfortunately closer to a coconut.

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