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14 Jan 2013

Was here for lunch on the weekend.
While the food was fine (parmigiana was humongous and that was the smaller one!) we did wait forever for our meals to come out.
We asked the waiter how much longer it would take and he was quite apologetic.
It wasn't busy at all - we were the only ones sitting inside.
Wouldn't go back purely because the food took way to long to come out & it wasn't exactly amazing.

Approximate cost: $28

23 Sep 2012

Huuuge parmas! Go there for dinner on a Tuesday when they have $15 parmas, with the choice of about 6 toppings. There's the classic parma (napoli, ham, cheese), bolognaise, capricciosa (napoli, ham, mushrooms, olives), hawaiian (napoli, ham and pineapple), aussie (napoli, egg and ham) and mexican (salsa, corn chips, jalapenos and sour cream + guac). Just be prepared to wait a while, our wait time ranged 20 min to over an hour..

Also worth noting: they allow you to split bills.

23 Jul 2011

Very bad food. Sauce chef should be shot. Over priced bad food. $31.00 for mixed grill: bacon, egg, snag, rissole, and a piece of dead dry meat with chips and muck they call gravy. Place used to pump, and have hearty, generous, delicious fare. Good space for pram, food inedible.

Approximate cost: $30.00

Carbsone123 31 Mar 2012 · 50% Trust

All I have to say about this comment I think it's been a long time you have been there go down one and let all of us know

03 Jul 2011

Went here for dinner, its ok. I would say anything special about it. I had kiev, which was a bit plain. Nothing bad about it, but nothing spectacular either.

Approximate cost: $20

24 Nov 2010

Good place to meet up with friends for a catch up coffee or a cheap dinner out. Big servings, tasty food and cheap.

Approximate cost: $20

01 Sep 2009

Only decided to write a review for Smoken Joe's after reading some of the other ratings people had left. I would have to say that I agree that smoken joe's has changed a bit in the last year or so, but i wouldn't say that this is a bad thing. As much as my family and i loved the crazy colours of the furniture, we have absolutely no problem with the new decor. The art works now hanging in the restaurant add the splash of colour smoken joe's needs and the meals are still amazing and massive! As for service, we have always been looked after amazingly well and I wonder if the bad service described by someone on the 30th june was nothing more than one bad night out of a many many fantastic ones- we're all human and everyone is entitled to a bad day. We'll continue going to Smoken Joe's.

Approximate cost: $20

01 Sep 2009

Fantastic restaurant. Been there many times for breakfast and dinner as well. Great quality steaks at reasonable prices are a must for steak lovers. The best in the area for sure. Can get very busy on weekends so make a booking before you go. It also looks much cleaner then before. Highly recommended.

Approximate cost: $20

Carbsone123 31 Mar 2012 · 50% Trust

I went there a week ago you are on the money

30 Jun 2009

What has happened to this place? My family & friends used to go to this place as a sure thing as in large satisfying meals that were great value & quality was good, ambience was great & always lively...but just days ago a couple of friends & i were in for a rude shock..gone were the funky multicoloures tables & chares..replaced with boring furniture that you'd find at your local pokies, the food was downsized ridiculously, i couldve gotten a better meal at a sub-standard pub & paid a hell of alot less...i could count the chips on my plate & i am not a big eater but i left the place hungry, annoyed & truly dissapointed, i couldve gone with a slice of cake from their famous display but lo-behold there were only 3 dry looking varieies of cake which i could see were getting stale...i'd rather get a mc donalds sundae. the service was not that great, we suspect one of the wait staff were drinking..even to the point we thought he may have been a little drunk as he was speaking to us his breath wreaked of alcohol & dropped a plate of food. I am sure alot of people will cotton on to how bad this place has become & im sure it will be a ghost town sure enough, its sas cos we loved this place but now its just a boring, dissapointing rip-off...with under-par meals...a death of an institution really...sad

Approximate cost: $20-35

30 May 2009

The servings were large, but marred by a really bad salad. The salad had no dressing and was topped a quarter of a tomato that was rotten.
The kids pasta was acceptable.

Approximate cost: $20

07 May 2009

ive been to this place heaps of times & only once i was dissapointed, the meals are great & value is good as well. The ceasar salad is always a winner, the mushroom chicken too, pastas are always fantastic & my husband swears by the big ass breakfast which is always good.

Approximate cost: $15-30

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