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13 Aug 2013

I went here to but curtains and I thought this would be the best place to go because they were having a special but when I got there their prices weren't cheap at all and they were asking $50 for only 1 curtain so I would have had to buy 2 also it was really unorganised and they were really understaffed it took me ages to find anyone to help then when I did it seemed like she couldn't be bothered and it turned out the curtains that were cheaper were see through which defeated the point of putting up curtains I definitely won't be going back even when they have a "fantastic sale "

08 Dec 2012

never again. could not find one staff member in craft. spent 20 minutes looking for someone to ask a question and no one would help me. ended up walking out. not the first time. will go to lincraft from now on they are too understaffed

27 Jul 2011

I went to this store to purchase some fabric, and was having trouble finding what I was after so I asked an employee. She rudely pointed it out to me.

After waiting 15 minutes at the cutting counter while the one person behind the counter served a customer another lady jumped the line and started getting served ahead of the people that had been waiting, when we pointed this out to the employee she said she knew, but the lady she was serving didn't understand, and she was 'just trying to be humane' - apparently that humanity doesn't extend to the people who have been waiting forever. After this lady, who apparently didn't understand how the number ticket system worked, got served she then explained the system to another customer.

I generally don't go to this store, I go to the Essendon DFO store, but I was in the area - whenever I've been here, the customer service has been horrible and they don't have basic things that I've needed in stock. I don't think I'll go back at all now.

Approximate cost: $60

01 Jun 2010

Spotlight has a great range of products from material, wool,towels, rugs blinds linen, gifts to craft. For anyone who loves or does craft spotlight is crafters heaven.its a lovely big store with plenty to offer. Its downfall is finding staff to help if you have a query. Staff are usually helpful once you find someone

09 Dec 2009

This store offers all the great range of products you expect at a Spotlight store often have a great range of clearance items available. Finding a staff member to help can be a huge problem, finding a staff member that has product knowledge is an even bigger trying experience. If you are going to shop knowing the product you are looking for then go for it, they have a large range of stock, but if you're going and expect to seek knowledgeable advice, then I wish you luck.

12 Aug 2009

Spotlight generally have everything you are looking for. The only thing is you may need a while to find it in the store. Staff are usually too busy to notice you. Prices are not cheap, especially when they have sales as they mark up the price and then take "20% off".

Approximate cost: $30

17 Jan 2008

I recently bought some material so I could renovate a old blanket box. They were very helpfull and pointed me exactly where I needed to go. I found what I needed and what was perfect for the job.

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