21 reviews about Stamford Plaza

01 Nov 2014

Very modern, had a great stay. Will deffinately be back. The staff were very friendly and the rooms were very comfortable and relaxing! Loved it. The location is great as we'll and not too far from anything

17 Apr 2014

Best bathrooms and it was so quiet, we almost slept past breakfast, the staff were nice and helpful and friendly, unlike other big hotels we have stayed a weekend at, we will be back

12 Dec 2013

Booking the Stamford Plaza for 2 nights being for my wedding which included the Romance Package, this venue delivered in excellence and opulence.

As a bride running around and organising people coming and going from the room, the Stamford Plaza staff were accommodating, calm and exceedingly professional.

On the eve of our wedding, my fiancee was wanting to sit down to clear his mind by watching some TV. Unfortunately we were not able to get a signal and hence was unable to do so.
After raising awareness to hotel staff explained the situation and were unable to remedy the problem that night and offered him a complimentary bottle of champagne. More than expected.

On the day of the wedding, staff were fantastic at accommodating our requests and hair, makeup artists and photographers were able to come and go with ease.

We also obtained some gorgeous photo's inside the foyer and had no interruption from other guests which was simply outstanding!

The romance package was such a lovely compliment to the end of our wedding celebrations, like icing on the cake, it really was the perfect choice to end such a beautiful stay!

We also want to express our gratitude to the housekeeping girls for being an absolute joy with helping us find some much needed prescription glasses! Lastly thank you to the reception staff members and the hotel manager for making our stay memorable.

Approximate cost: $1,200

03 Sep 2013

The Stamford is amazing, If I had the money, I would be going there for dinner tonight. I've had atleast 3 work christmas parties there as well as some other functions I've gone to with friends. The food is of a very high standard and the service well it's really something else. It's pure luxury, I've had the time of my life at this place and love going there. It is pricey but well worth it. The buffet I had was awesome. The rooms are first class and I really feel pampered when I go there.

watts 22 Oct 2013 · 100% Trust

I adore the Stamford Plaza, there accommodation and service is impeccable and there event/function rooms are terrific, including there beautiful location by the Brisbane River.

neliah 24 Jan 2014 · 90% Trust

I agree. We have stayed there and will be back. It was an awesome experience and the packages are very special. My husband arranged for the room to be decorated for when we got back from dinner. It was gorgeous with a love heart on the bed made out of rose petals and a gift inside. Champagne, chocolate coated strawberries, bath half filled....it was very romantic!

09 Aug 2013

This isn't my experience but I am telling you about. My mums experience... She was staying there on a 2 week holiday!had lovely meals... Also met the black eyed peas this was a few years ago ! She really enjoyed her self ,

17 Jul 2013

I am a HUGE seafood fan, Saturday night i went there with a few friends to a all you can eat buffet.
AMAZING it was so fresh and yummy and i liked how if you weren't into seafood as much there is pork, soup, rice, chicken.
Walking into the restaurant was very impressive and more impressive was the bathrooms, they had single sinks in each toilet. Very nice indeed

tabatham 17 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

I have been here and it was quite good

26 Jun 2013

Absolutely stunning inside. It is right on the river so its a beautiful view as well can choose to sit in or outside as well. The seafood buffet is a great treat as it is a little bit expensive for $65 pp yet very worth it. The high tea's are also very well done and have a huge variety.

markh40 30 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Had my work xmas party here. One word - AMAZING!!!!

26 Jun 2013

This place is lovely as a treat as it can be pricey. I haven't actually stayed at the hotel but only eaten there. I enjoyed my birthday hightea here (and many friends highteas as well) and was V impressed. So many sweets and delicious little sandwiches. I would definately go back. The location is gorgeous too, if its a clear warm day book a table outside.

Approximate cost: $30-65

esther92 26 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

thanks for sharing!

lilmuffin 17 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

Amazing place to go! have been a few times

25 Jun 2013

I have never stayed her. But have eaten here many times. The staff are lovely and professional and the food is fantastic!!! I recently had the seafood buffet which is $65 for all you can eat seafood! My favourite was the Atlantic salmon. The high tea is beautiful and a must for every sweet lover.

esther92 26 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

thanks for sharing!

22 Apr 2013

Stayed here for the night of my wedding before heading off to honeymoon. Very handle valet parking and because we had a rental Audi they parked it up front which was convenient for us! The room is a bit small for Brisbane standards, but the quality of the fittings and furniture is first rate. Breakfast was included in our package and was great, ate way too much, hee hee. Coffee wasn't the best but usually is the case for hotel coffee. Had a smooth checkout but noticed that there was no queuing system for the counters and witnessed a heated argument between two men about who was there first. We were not involved but it was a bit of a dampener for our departure. Overall great experience for what is often considered the best hotel in Brisbane.

Approximate cost: $300 a night

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