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11 Sep 2013

I've had take away several times from here and it's always good. I haven't eaten in, but can confirm that both the grilled Tasmanian Salmon and the grilled Barramundi are very nice. The serving size is good and I have the Star Salad, which is also consistently nice. The order does take a while, so be prepared to wait 20 mins or so for it. I've never been enticed to eat in, the environment seems a little too clinical for that, but others do eat in so they may well feel differently on that matter.

Approximate cost: $12

25 Apr 2012

Such a quality fish and chips shop, you'd expect it to be near a beach. The atmosphere is nice, with the wooden bench-like tables, and the food amazing. Not your average dingy fish and chip place.

31 Oct 2009

It is a good places to go if just want to get a nice tasting meal but you should mainly go in the middle of the week because thats when they are the least busy and they will give you better service.

Approximate cost: $10

11 Oct 2009

Excellent quality! I don't really want to put down 150 words! There is not enough to say - may I suggest that you change your criterion in this respect.

Approximate cost: $??

18 Jul 2009

my family and i frequent this restaurant about 3-4 times per month. we have found on every occasion the food has been superb and it is great to see such a wide range of drinks to select from.we understand because the fillets are fresh daily that the price maybe a few more dollars but the quality is obvious.

Approximate cost: $15.00

jomax 14 Jun 2010 · 60% Trust

They have since put up a new easy to read menu board

08 Oct 2008

Initially when we tried this place a year and a half ago it was a revelation in fish and chips. However lately we feel that the quality has gone down. On the last three occasions the batter looked and tasted almost burnt (dark brown batter) on the fish and the size of the fish seemed smaller. We normally order the family pack to share which used to be good value. The tartare/aoili seems to have changed to a commercial grade sauce wheras previously the sauce seemed to have a more "home made taste". The potato cakes were very crispy which is fine for the outside but not the inside of the potato cake. It tasted more like we were eating dried Smiths chips packed together in batter. Good potato cakes are crispy on the oustide but smooth and full of potato on the inside. The chips get soggy quickly (see my other review for good crispy chips with soft potato centre at East Doncaster Seafood supplies). One time they forgot to put the tartare sauce in the pack and when we rang up and complained they advised we would receive a credit on the next purchase, however they denied this when we next visited and wanted to give extra tartare to make up for the last time however who needs extra tartare for the same amount of fish and chips?? It is like saying I will give you extra sauce for your hamburger when you don't need any more! They eventually agreed to reduce the price by $1 which was not what we were advised when we rang up and complained. I am not averse to paying high prices for simple foods, however the price charged must match the quality and service of the offering.

Approximate cost: $15

GMM 08 Dec 2008 · 90% Trust

I would have to agree with you on the decline in quality of the fish and chips. I find it all to be quite oily and soggy now compared to before. We still go, hoping it will improve, but end up disappointed.

JOJO1633 26 Mar 2009 · 60% Trust

Hi there!

We are the new owners of Star Fish Grill.
It's a shame that you had a bad experience (before our time), especially when we had heard great things about this shop!

With a long history in fish and chips, we fell in love with Star Fish Grill and decided to buy it. Anyway, we can't speak for the previous owners but we can certainly guarantee that you will love our food and service now - especially our home made poato cakes.

After a few minor adjustments and after adding a few touches of our own, we believe you would love our food!

Fish is bought fresh from the market daily and is cut on the premises and freshly cooked to order.

We have eat in/take away, BYO, air conditioning,
eftpos/credit facilities and lots of parking.

We welcome you to come back and try the new Star Fish Grill!

Regards, Ross and Johanna Makris.

LL1 23 May 2009 · 100% Trust

We visited Starfish Grill again based on the comment added by the owners. We ordered a star box and a grilled piece of fish.

We purchased takeaway and the fish began to smell as soon as we left the store - not a good sign as fried fish normally masks the smell of bad fish.

10 minutes later we arrived home and our experience is as follows:

Fish - batter was much better - lighter than before and not as oily, however became a bit rubbery five minutes later. Fish was ok, but not ultra fresh in its taste - flesh was quite firm and ok in the middle but chewy on the sides. Oil was still seeping through the box indicating insufficient time to drain the oil. (We don't have this problem at our benchmark store - see below)

Tartare Sauce - Very good - as good if not better than the previous owners before they moved to something akin to being out of a can. I would buy the sauce on its own! The three tubs provided were finished off pronto!

Chips - marked improvement and remained crispy on the outside and mashed potato like on the inside

Potato Cakes - also marked improvement, however still was a bit crispy on the inside as well as outside.

Grilled Fish - taste was ok and flesh was firm

Store operations - we were a little dismayed to see that when chips dropped on the floor, the chef picked up the chips from the floor, he put them in the bin, wiped his hands on the apron and then continued to handle food - we would have expected that he would have washed his hands before handling clean food again.

Overall we found a slight improvement in the quality of the food, unfortunately our latest visit does not reach the same levels as the benchmark we found in East Doncaster Seafood on Blackburn Road near Taipan (see my other listing). It is an improvement, however at the prices charged it should be a lot better. The equivalent purchase above at East Doncaster is approximately $20 or about $5 cheaper than Starfish Grill. Remember, I paid more here than I usually pay at the other store to re-try the food - if it is better than our benchmark, I would be returning, however at this point in time, East Doncaster Seafood remains unchallenged and our preference.

05 Oct 2008

Been here lots of times. It's fish and chips to most, but, here it's with a difference and it's noticed as soon as you walk in. It's Clean with a Fresh, Bright and Airy interior. Bench tables and seats where sharing with others is normal and can, at times, be fun. Staff are polite and courteous...unlike many other similar fast food style outlets. It's not cheap, but, the quality and standard of this "fast food" is great. It's great to eat in establishment that's clean even if it is classified as fast food.

Approximate cost: $10

03 Sep 2008

Food was fresh and delicious - especially the calamari rings. I have never eaten 'real' calamari rings that taste this good and are tender. The burger was really good as was the flathead and flake and chips. I also love their homemade tartare sauce. Love the unique drinks like organic cola and even the bottled water. You can help yourself to plates, cutlery, sauces etc and even bring a bottle of wine. It is a cheaper alternative to going to a full on restaurant where you can can enjoy restaurant quality fish and chips in a casual and trendy atmosphere.

Approximate cost: $10

13 May 2008

I prefer good old fashioned fish and chips. it was almost impossible to eat the grilled fish out of the containers provided. It came with a cous cous salad. Much too gourmet for the type of fish and chips I like. The potato cakes are weird and greasy. I couldn't eat them and I am a lover a potato cakes. Just not my taste.

24 Apr 2008

Loved this place! All the family enjoyed their meals. Top quality fresh fish, great chips, and my wife had a burger that I jealously eyed off. Will come back for that! Good kids options. Took a bottle of wine thanks to their BYP licence.

Approximate cost: $10

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