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13 Nov 2018

Terrible experience, highly unprofessional team. Please avoid them if you don't want to get harassed.

21 Jan 2017

An absolutely atrocious property management agency. Even if they had chosen to disclose the gate code to our new apartment and not told us we had no choice but to pay another $100 for another remote to get in, the complete unprofessionalism with which these guys operate is enough for me to not recommend them to anyone, and in fact warn anyone looking for a place that they should NEVER do business with these people if they expect a shred of customer service. Rude, inconsiderate, uncompromising and totally unhelpful, [we were] treated like nothing but a business asset by an organisation [redacted inflammatory generalisation] They have a zero negotiation policy on rental arrears even in the event of sickness or tragedy. They will send out a breach notice if the rent is a minute late. You will be given no assistance whatsoever with any issues unless they stand to make a profit. Undoubtedly the worst property 'management' agency I have ever dealt with. If I could give no stars I would. Avoid them at all costs.

23 Aug 2016

Steven Davis Real Estate is the most unprofessional real estate agency I've ever dealt with!!

Initially telling us that there would be improvements made to the rental
property prior to us moving in, they then denied the conversation ever took
place once we had signed the paper work. We did not have hot water or gas
for the first 3 weeks that we lived at the property and apparently to them,
this was not an urgent matter, despite the fact that we were not able to
shower or cook for almost a month. The property condition report we
received was so inaccurate and lacking in detail, it took us almost 3 hours
to rectify. On top of that, we were not advised that there was
monitored surveillance to the property and when questioned why it was
hooked up to an ethernet cable, they denied ever seeing or knowing about it

The last straw for us was when our property was recently broken into and I
was confronted by an intruder in our living room (which was later
discovered to be a convicted criminal). As the man had claimed to have
entered with a key, I was naturally concerned for my immediate safety when
he came back for a second time trying to get through the back door while I
was still home.

When contacting the real estate to fill them in on the turn of events, mangagement began to aggressively defend themselves and their agency, saying it wasn't their fault and in no way were they to blame, without even asking if I was ok
and unharmed. As I proceeded to tell him I wasn't pointing blame, simply
concerned for my own safety, seeing as though the robber was rummaging
through our belongings for near on two hours (later discovered revisiting
the surveillance footage).. they hung up on me!!! I was speechless. To be
treated like that after such a scary ordeal is beyond excusable! No follow
up, nothing.

This is the most unprofessional, unethical and unreliable agency out there!
Please proceed with caution if you are ever unfortunate enough to cross
their path

04 Nov 2014

We purchased a property through SDRE and was very disappointed with the whole experience.

From our initial phone call to the company right through the offer and settlement process we found the owner to be the least enthusiastic person we had ever met.

He could not answer any of the questions we had about the property and wasn't interested in finding out the answers for us.

We made our initial offer, which was rejected by the owner of the property and because we were so disappointed with the agent we decided to walk away. We kept hoping that the property would be listed with another agent as to no surprise, it was still on the market 3 months later.

We decided that we would give it another go and hoped that his enthusiasm would have improved given he'd had the property listed for so long. It hadn't. We tried to look past it as we put in another offer which was accepted this time.

We had several issues with settlement and found him to be more difficult to deal with rather than helpful.

I would definitely never deal with this agent again and I found him completely unprofessional and it stuns me that he still has a business. I really don't have high expectations with people, but in this business you have to have at least some people skills and be willing to help prospective buyers.

15 Mar 2012

I have bought property through SDRE and also use their property management department to manage my rental properties. Great, personal service. I would use them again without hesitation.

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