Subaru Interactive @ Docklands (STI)

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7 reviews about Subaru Interactive @ Docklands (STI)

31 Jul 2014

I just bought my wife a WRX for her birthday and the team at Subaru Docklands did a fantastic job. They helped with everything, from planning the surprise to a recommendation on a good cafe to take my wife while they finalised the paperwork. Great service, cant recommend them enough.

Approximate cost: $48000

19 Sep 2013

We bought a Subaru Liberty from this dealer through We fly to Melbourne to check the car and complete the transaction with them. They are all professionals in this dealership and we really had a good deal with the vehicle that we bought (which you can never find in Subaru Gold Coast). Paid all the extras and additional warranties and arranged all the transaction of transporting the car to QLD. Then the car arrived today and we found out that the car boot liner that we paid for $150 was not installed in the car. So we ring them up and they said that they ran out of stock for boot liners and will just mail the thing to us. That is fine with us but there is a thing called 'communication". NO one bothered telling us either by phone or email that this is going to happen. They are apologetic on the phone, other than that, the car is in excellent condition and my whole family is happy about it. Hopefully the boot liner will show up in the mail. Have no idea for how long.

babenreviewer 20 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

at least you noticed & remembered! they seemed apologetic thought that doesn't seem too bad xx

Aubrey25 24 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust


10 Jun 2013

I took my Subaru Forester in for the big 100,000 km service. Had been quoted $1,400 beforehand. When I arrived I was asked very politely (and correctly) if I was a senior and was immediately given a 10% discount. I can't judge if everything was done correctly, but the car is still running perfectly. I was very impressed by the customer focus.

Approximate cost: $1,300

babenreviewer 20 Sep 2013 · 100% Trust

i'm interested to know what the correct way is to ask if one's a senior?

janepm 20 Sep 2013 · 60% Trust

Sorry, I wasn't clear in my phrasing. I simply meant that he was correct in that I was (am) a senior.

24 Aug 2012

This is a very professionally run business. If you drop your vehicle off for a service they will supply a van to get you back to the CBD. They always call before they add any extras and I've never had any problems with the results.

23 Aug 2012

We bought our car from here and have since had all our services done through there as well. They are professional and efficient and highly recommended.

28 Nov 2007

These guys are brilliant. I purchased a vehicle there and regularly use them for servcing. This is THE best example of customer service I have experieinced. Nothing is a problem, they are friendly and helpful and always follow up.

13 Jul 2007

Bought car new and have had excellent service, advice and VIP treatment from Vin Macaro, Sam and the boys. They're always willing to ensure all is as it should be.

Approximate cost: $0

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