Sunnybrook Health Store & Healing Centre

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28 reviews about Sunnybrook Health Store & Healing Centre

22 Oct 2016

I went to this shop recently to exchange a product (which I bought recently) that was expired. There was a lady at the counter who was not helpful in resolving the matter. She kept on arguing and when she realised she was wrong she responded very rudely.
I find that customer service is zero at this store, they need to know how to treat their customers !!

13 May 2015

i have been shopping here specifically for over 18 years. this place was the only place to get organic produce when my oldest son was born.. he was premature and couldn't tolerate certain foods. i have relied on this place for many years. thanks for being there

Approximate cost: $1000

14 Nov 2013

I went to Sunnybrook Health Store for the first time last week. As they stock an organic, preservative free wine range which I had been looking for, called Wild Fox. This shop is fantastic and it is more like a mini supermarket. It has a great range of products and the staff are friendly and helpful.

17 May 2013

As someone who suffers from Fructose Malabsorption it is great to have a local store that provides a great range of breads that I find much easier to digest than normal supermarket bread. Their Rye, Oat and Spelt range is fantastic.

Kelzy 19 May 2013 · 100% Trust

I have been looking for spelt bread, thank you for sharing your experience, I have to check them out!

Kelzy 19 May 2013 · 100% Trust

I have been looking for spelt bread, thank you for sharing your experience, I have to check them out!

DonaS 03 Oct 2013 · 100% Trust

They have a huge range of gluten free products and you can order online.

03 Apr 2013

I have been recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and was recommended to go to this shop. There were lots of item for me to purchase and it was so great to eat a party pie!

The products are not cheap but thats to be expected with gluten free items.

If you are gluten intolerant and want to treat yourself or need to top up some health food products I definitely recommend.

Approximate cost: $20

15 Mar 2013

I went here last year looking for vegan easter treats and was amazed at the range. Every type of health food ever, at a price. A big price.
Great helpful, friendly staff besides (even though they'd sold out of what I wanted), great place to pick up a few essentials.

14 Oct 2012

I'm vegan so while this place has a fantastic range of vegan products I've found many items much more expensive in comparison to other places where you can buy the same product (such as in the local Coles or Woolies healthfood section or other organic veg suppliers). Also some of their products seem to be cheaper online than if you buy in the actual store?

15 Jun 2012

I order online as I don't live nearby,they have a great range,have very helpful staff,and will find things you are looking for not online to add to your order. Only complaint is delivery cost is a bit high,they need to work something out with Australia Post or move to a cheaper courier service.

Approximate cost: $100

06 Jun 2012

Healthy, whole and complete package. Highly recommended. Gold standard. Listens to customers. Always improving. More Vegetarian and vegan stuff please.

30 May 2012

Great shop that always has everything I'm looking for and more, pricing is what you would expect from health food stores.

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