7 reviews about SupaBARN Supermarket

05 Feb 2016

They never stock a lot of products that I want. Consequently I go to supermarkets which cater to all tastes.

21 Jun 2012

I purchased fresh foods there and the quality was exceptional and cheaper than Coles or woollies or anyone I believe. The same shop at Woollies costs $20 more!!!!

Approximate cost: $200

01 Apr 2010

I found that the Deli and Bakery had great customer service.
I felt that it was alittle rude that the staff which were from other countries spoke within themselves in their native tongue.
The staff that I did ask assistance from were quiet helpful.
I would not recommend Supabarn to any of my friends as there is not alot of professionalism even for a supermarket.
The produce was not of the best quality and I feel they do not do quality checks on their fresh lines. Their motto is Bite into Life but I wouldn't even bite into one of their apples.

Approximate cost: $30

16 Feb 2010

Very convenient and they always stock a wide variety. I agree with one of the other ratings that they are not the cheapest but a good selection of quality is worth the slight extra cost.

06 Jan 2010

I like the variety of stock that they supply...i can always find whatever i need there. The prices are not always the cheapest but you can always rely on finding what you need.

14 Apr 2009

the car park is one of the worst in Sydney. the prices are OK but of course much better when on special. There seems to be a big range of products. Not sure how fresh the vegges are as I believe there are only 2 supa barns in the state.

16 Jun 2008

Small Supermarket in Fivedock area and it sure beats having to drive to nearby suburb when it's within walking distance.
Prices are as cheap if not cheaper than other major supermarket such as Wollies or Coles.

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