4 reviews about Super Amart

20 Feb 2011

You pay for what you get. Good quality furniture you pay the price. However always a bargain to be found. Huge variety in store. Always go in for one reason and always walking out with a bargain. Staff are always at hand to give the best price available

21 Feb 2010

Super Amart at Lawnton have good quality furniture but it takes ages to get service. The sales people ar every low and they take a long time to get to you when you need service. Once you do get service though they are great.

20 Oct 2009

The service is shocking here and although there is a good range of stuff at great prices...it doesn't weigh up the fact that you have no one to serve you, and when you do get someone they aren't friendly or approachable and they only want to get rid of you as soon as possible! But just before you thought you had bared the worst, the warehouse staff at the loading is even more shocking!

Approximate cost: $199

07 Jun 2008

had to wait a long time to be served no friendly service at all speacially when they know u are doing finance and not paying cash they must run on commition

Approximate cost: $899

BG85 20 Oct 2009 · 100% Trust

I agree totally!! The service is a load of cr#p every time!

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