4 reviews about Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel

01 Apr 2010

i thought this was a good hotel to stay however it wasnt on the night i did, i booked a package where id receive wine and a gift pack on arrival, i got there to realise that it was in the room, i called and asked about it and they had no idea about it. so i had to explain to them about the package i booked for and showed them the email, it then took them 45 mins to get it up to the room.

10 Feb 2010

This is a lovely hotel in Sydney. Rooms were very comfortable. Price is pretty competitive for position of the hotel - in the heart of the city. Restaurant is of excellent standard. Staff are very friendly and made you feel at home. Loved the experience.

Approximate cost: $200

02 May 2009

It was warming and very luxurious. i was not looked down upon and felt comfprtable.
All that spent time with us while we stayed there had a similar opinoin as were also well impressed.

Approximate cost: $200

29 Apr 2008

We used this hotel for a conference, and found the overall experience quite positive. The staff were all highly attentive and helpful, the rooms were adequate, and everything inside the rooms worked. Room prices were very competitive, and for a 4 star property with such a great location, there is not much to complain about.

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