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05 May 2009

Very good service by very friendly staff. Efficient, tidy work, very happy with any work that we have had done by this business, go out of their way to help you

05 Jan 2009

Fantastic and on time! Friendly people! They really really take good care of their paying customers and go over and above what is required or expected. I would highly recommend TMS to all my friends and family

14 Jun 2008

I was told by the seller of my recently purchased car it needed a auto gearbox service, after road testing the car I was informed that the Gearbox R/S.
Greg and his crew found a 2nd hand Box and fitted it only to find the same problem still existed, so putting it down to a bad supplier, they found me another, only to find the Drive Shafts were different , so replacement shafts were fitted, road tested and the problem was still there, so the Transmission Computer was looked at, found to be not real good. Their Electrician checked the elect side of everything he could think of, made some enquiries to find out what may be wrong, and a Comp repairer asked if the motor had been modified at all, when checked it was found that the previous owner had taken off the Carby and installed fuel injection and had not changed the computer to suit the same,
After fitting the proper computer the car runs like a dream.
Greg and his team refused to give up on my car, and only charged me what was a fair price for a replacement gearbox and computer , plus the fitting of same,
No extra was charged for all of the extra time spent on the car. (a total of 70 hrs)

Approximate cost: $1500

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