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07 May 2013

O.k store. Hate the checkouts though, they line you up like cattle and force you to walk by endless cheap junk, and watch those sexist underwear ads like idiots, for what seems like foreverrrrr. Great if you're a pervy old bloke, painful if you're a mum with small children.

13 Apr 2011

It was extremely good service the staff there are ever so friendly and i wouldn't hesitate to go there in the future.

Approximate cost: $150+

07 Dec 2010

I like going to Target when they have a good sale on to check out there DVDs and CD'S section

Also to see if I can see some nice cloths for my brothers son I normally get the next size up so he doesn't grow out of them so quickly

You can save heaps just making a few local calls often someone is having a sale on what you want or Goggle it and get it as an alert on lasoo.com.au emailed when it's on special

They are selling near the DVD section a 33 DVD holder for $20 Target brand

The same sort of thing that places like Red Dot Crazy Clark's etc. were selling a while ago they use to have 60 CD one's as well but have not seen them for awhile as well

Nothing fancy but does the job instead of having them loose every where be good if they designed some with room for the double DVD'S and a bit more room for the one's that comes with the covers

For the price really good thou if you have a huge collection get a few and just stack them up on top of each other against a wall out of the way but near where you want to get to them like your TV or spare room so it will still look neat

It's easier I recon If you put them in a sections like comedy thriller cartoons sports what ever you have easier to find when your looking

If you see a DVD and not sure if you have it you will find you don't have to be looking all over just a small section that you have put them in

25 Jul 2009

Target used to be more budget shopping then it is now day but the quality has improved drastically and the styles of the clothing has also improved. they have a great selection of kids clothing and toys and the staff were helpful enough

15 May 2008

Target always has great deals on almost everything and the Whifords store in no exception. I always grab some baby clothes each time I go into Target as they are very reasonably priced and good quality. The staff are helpful and products you want are always available.

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