8 reviews about Tek's Gifts & Things

25 Jul 2011

Its like a bargain shop but with a wider range of products and it also provides basic homeware and kitchenware - It deserves a WOW!

06 Jul 2011

Tek's is a treasure trove! They have anything you could possibly want; kitchen ware, garden ware, home decorating, gifts. Their art and craft supplies are really great value and they have an extensive range, suitable for most art students. This is a bargain shop, but I always find something I need here.

Approximate cost: $25

13 May 2011

i usually go to tek's to buy my bits and things. some things and gifts are valuable. i found it fun just to look at the variety

26 Mar 2010

similar to dollar shop, good for buy reasonable quality things with budget.... gifts, toys,houmeware, you can find small and usefulthings in there.usually just cost you between $2-$5.

Approximate cost: $2

06 Jan 2010

Great store for cheap things and always nice little toys and gifts...if you are on a budget always good to go there. I love just staying there for ages...i always loose track of time though.

20 Dec 2009

Good for little nick-knacks that you might need now and again. If your an artist there's a good range of canvases that are very durable. However i advise you stay away from their batteries, which will last as-long as 3 clicks of your TVs remote.

Approximate cost: $0.50-$10

23 Jun 2009

Tek's is basically a Hot Dollar variety store style of shop, that sells basic homewares including kitchenware, clothing, hardware etc. at bargain prices. The quality is, I guess, what you would expect for the price you're paying. I bought a spray bottle that was broken after only a couple of uses - it only cost around $2 though,

19 Apr 2008

Teks is one of those discount stores where you can find just about anything at bargain basement prices. Not everything I've bought from them, however, has been good quality. The service is adequate.

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