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03 Jun 2015

It's quite a good place in general. Very friendly staff, it's fantastic. The food is quite good and met up to my expectations. And the price is also reasonable.

15 Jul 2013

We were staying at the short stay apartments in southbank and heard about this place from local friends. We rang ahead and ordered so that we could walk down and pick up food to bring back to our accommodation. The experience was pleasant, nothing special, ok prices, and i think we were overcharged for rice- but the food was really good. Very authentic thai cuisine. Simple but delicious. The deli itself is not too fancy, just a few seats. Glad we ordered takeaway and very happy with the quality of food.

26 Apr 2013

Authentic Thai on Clarendon st. Not the flavours you are generally used to from Aussie Thai restaurants, more like what you would get from a street stall in Thailand. Cheap, quick and easy, lovely staff, just not the place for a special occasion.

Approximate cost: $12

11 Mar 2011

Very Good Place for a quick and tasty lunch.

Quick Service, friendly staff, smile always. Will get busy on Fridays. Call them for a quick take away.

Approximate cost: $11

18 Apr 2008

I frequently visit this value for money cafe for lunch, both eat in and takeaway.

On Fridays is usually very busy! best to ring before hand if taking away. There isn't much space to wait inside. But it defiantly is worth the wait!

Small menu with lots of options, however they like to add potato as a vegetable in curry dishes.

Approximate cost: $13

26 Aug 2007

If you are after a cheap, healthy, great tasting meal at a bargin price then this is the place for you. The service is fantastic, and the environment is interesting and bright

Approximate cost: $10

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