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14 reviews about THD Hair & Spa

12 Feb 2012

I went to THD a few times for waxing and I had an ok experience. However, I was very disappointed with the haircut I received. The hairdresser was not professionally dressed. She did not ask me if I would like to have my hair dried straight or curly and she rushed through my haircut. I was horrified when I went home and discovered that my haircut was not even.

Approximate cost: $70

22 Sep 2011

Fabulous cut and a beautiful natural colour that left my hair in great condition. I was really happy with my experience at THD and will definitely return. If you are looking for a salon in town that's stylish but not over the top I recommend THD for service and quality.

Approximate cost: $140

01 May 2011

Gone downhill since the change in owner. Got a bit "cheap" looking as there looks like there appears to be a lot of cost cutting. I only continue to go back because Tina does my color so well. If she wasn't there I would find somewhere else.

16 Feb 2011

I had my hair cut here a couple of times just due to the fact its close to where I work. First time I didnt love the cut they did and they were not cheap. But staff are friendly (always helps) and they seem to do their best in trying to make you happy.

28 Oct 2010

I thought they were a bit expensive, I got a style cut and requested no shampooing to reduce the cost a bit, but in saying so, I was very pleased with the results, which doesn't happen very often when I've just gotten my hair cut. So I would probably go there again. You get offered an assortment of drinks, and the hairdressers were overall very lovely and really understood what I wanted. Quality service.

Approximate cost: $90+

29 Aug 2010

A lovely experience. Staff were always friendly. Greeted with herbal tea and provided with an array of drink options. Beautiful salon, great quality service. Generous student discounts on a number of days which was much appreciated. Did not try to upsell or upgrade to other services/products. Hairdresser understood my needs and made me feel good about my hair. Definitely going back!

Approximate cost: $60 for style cut, master hairdresser with student discount

22 Jul 2010

Was recommended by a friend and now I agree. Had foils and a cut by a lady named Anthea - she was awesome! Did exactly what I wanted and I love the colour. It's not the easiest place to find but the receptionist had already told me about that so that wasn't a big issue. I think they just do everything a bit better and so the whole experience really added to above average for me.

11 Jun 2010

I work in town so dropped in one afternoon on my way home. The service was ok and the ladies were nice.

04 May 2010

I was very happy with a previous THD hair dresser named Dean who cut my hair numerous times. He has however moved on and no longer works there. THD still over fantastic customer service and quality work. However I might try other hairdressers before returning.

Approximate cost: $50

05 Jun 2009

It was nice. Pretty much what you'd expect. I took my 2 yr old, and she was pretty well behaved, and everyone there was entertained by her and talking to her to keep her busy, so that was nice. They give you a nice little massage before starting, but it wasn't super wonderful, and may or may not book here again.

Approximate cost: $85 for a cut/style

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