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17 Sep 2016

Love the customer service, very helpful staff member. best quality and very nice modern products :)

Approximate cost: $5000

04 Aug 2016

Baby gallery has the most sarcastic and rude staff of any baby shop I've ever stepped foot into. My gf introduced me to the store a few months back, indeed they have a massive range but their service was such a let down we just left. The story is simple. My girlfriend and I were shopping together for big items - prams/ cots and car seats as both our babies are due around the same time. We were hoping to get a good deal together during the EOFY. When we approached the staff they were like, 'oh you guys are cheating' - as in we were combining items together into one. I rolled my eyes and asked to speak with the owner as she was floating around. She was very fixed on pricing and would not budge so we left.

15 Aug 2014

This store is amazing and the store owner, Mary is so compassionate and wonderful. I purchased over $2000 from Baby Train while I was pregnant. I had purchased a baby capsule and hadn't planned on purchasing a car seat however the sales lady suggested I do. I wish I hadn't. My baby girl arrived healthy however after a month she was a bit "floppy" as the doctor said, however thought she would get better. After that we have had issue after issue and my baby has not improved much and is developmentally delayed. She can't sit or hold her head up amongst other issues. My husband passed by Baby Train to purchase something else and told Baby Train about her medical issues and that we required a rear facing car seat as she cannot sit in the forward facing car seat that we had purchased. He was advised that they would exchange the car seat for a rear facing car seat. So I travelled to Baby Train with the car seat that we had, over 30 kms from my house where I was told that they wouldn't exchange the seat as it was over 30 days since I had purchased it which is their policy. All they said was that they were sorry and that they would advise all their staff of their policy since we had been told otherwise. I left extremely upset considering how hard everything has been with my baby girl and to have travelled all the way to Moorabbin, when I don't have the time or the energy for useless trips. And I was stuck with a car seat I couldn't use. One of my girlfriends called to speak to the owner of Baby train within an hour and he wouldn't even take her phonecall. We couldn't believe that he didn't have the courtesy to take a phonecall. This same girlfriend had purchased her baby furniture and products from Baby Gallery in Clayton and she asked the owner Mary if she would exchange the car seat. And she said yes. I exchanged the car seat and now have a great rear facing car seat. Mary was amazing and so compassionate. I couldn't believe that she exchanged it despite the fact I had purchased nothing from her store and that she would make no money on the car seat that I exchanged. What an amazing woman and business. I won't be purchasing anything from Baby Train again. Mary and Baby Gallery is the only business that I want to buy my baby girl's things from. Thank you Mary..

22 Jun 2014

Wow!! Amazing range of products, amazing value, fantastic layout and friendly and helpful staff members.
I have purchased many of my big ticket items from this store! The staff members are willing to help and regularly offer to answer any questions. They know their products and give honest opinions along with ratings and product information.
Such a large range of products at this store and the layout is very practical. The walk around the store is fantastic as it displays many products in use as well as stocked areas. Recommend going here to purchase and to learn about what's needed for a new baby.

05 Feb 2013

I recently bought a pram from Baby Gallery. I must say I am very impressed by the products they stock,ability to price match and the service. Mary is excellent at customer service and values her customers greatly. She is also excellent at guiding a new parent through the zillion baby products. I loved they way I was treated here and would highly recommend this shop to buy baby stuff. The place is a warehouse and so prices are cheaper or at par with other biggies like baby bunting. However, I would recommend shopping around and then ask them to price match and get a better deal for yourself.

Approximate cost: $600

MazB35 05 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Great to hear of this store! I never heard of it until I read your review. I am a new mum and on the look out to hear of good baby stores, apart from Baby Bunting and Mothercare. thanks for sharing :)

sarahr33 13 Aug 2013 · 80% Trust

Im looking forward to going there now by reading your comment

21 Aug 2012

I love those prams available here. They look stunning and user-friendly. I will definitely go back here next time to buy the stuffs for baby. Love the lady at the front desk, she was very helpful to me last time.

11 Jun 2012

Huge selection here, was a little overwhelmed at first! After finding some help i managed to pick up what I needed and even a few little extras along the way. Definitely think this store will be my new go to for newborn gifts etc!

10 Jun 2012

I often come to this shop when I need things for my baby. They have an excellent range, from bottles to cots, from clothes to car seats. Their prices are very competitive.

07 Apr 2012

The Baby Gallery is THE first place to shop for your baby goods. The customer service I have experienced every time I have visited and even phoned the store is unmatched. Their prices are fantastic, their staff are always friendly and ever so helpful as they are all knowledgeable on the products they are selling. They are happy to assist in any way they can.

5 stars all around.

19 Jul 2011

This place is excellent to go to as they really do have everything ! and alot of things on display to give you ideas.

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