5 reviews about The Bakershop Mannum

20 Aug 2013

The kitchener buns are absolutely delicious so full of cream. That with a good cappucino. Pies are good and the price is good too. The corn flake cookies are the best. They make nice bread and rools. Just everything is good. Service is slow at times but staff try their best

12 Oct 2012

Quite a large bakery with a good selection. They make good doughnuts, which is always a prerequisite of mine, and their pies don't taste like cat food. The service leaves a little to be desired but it was rather busy the last time I went there. Still the best place to go in Mannum if you want a quick bite and the price is to be expected of what bakerys are charging nowadays.

Approximate cost: $10

17 Aug 2009

Friendly staff, absolutely delicious food.
The worst part is deciding what to have. I especially love the spinach and cheese rolls and the spaghetti bolognaise pie.
The chocolate donuts are the best in Australia, you will never order one from anywhere else after these.

03 Sep 2008

I used to visit mannum quite reguarly and over the years the place really has gone down hill. still rather nice service and products. i went there about a month ago and bought a pie and bottle of water for $9.5 little pricey...the pie was cold. not very happy. staff members didn't really know how to handle a customer complaint

29 May 2008

They have a great range of different pies and pasties, etc. and a lot of other cakes and pastries. The bakery is large and clean and tidy, and there are seats and tables with a nice view out over the main street.

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