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13 reviews about The Bear House Restaurant

14 Jul 2013

My partner and I went here for dinner a few months ago and the food was lovely. We decided to go back on the weekend and when we arrived, noticed a sign saying "NEW MANAGEMENT". I decided to have the barramundi on the menu, as there wasn't a great variety. My fish came out barely warm, as did the potatoes served with it and the spinach. After complaining, it came back slightly warmer and I was told that's how it was supposed to be. The fish was bland, spinach was stringy and there wasn't any lemon or sauce with the dish. My partner's dish was also just warm. Very disappointing as the place itself is gorgeous.

Approximate cost: $30

ReecesCheckYaPieces 21 Jul 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi JenaSky, Certainly sounds as though the food mimics the service…very ordinary indeed. We had (erroneously) assumed that everyone within the food industry would comprehend (and avoid) serving lukewarm food. Obviously not! Thanks for the heads-up! Reeces

13 Jul 2013

Tonight my family and I went out for dinner, we walked in and it was so nice. It is decorated so lovely and it's like you've stepped into a cabin somewhere in the alps. The menu was very, different. I wouldn't suggest taking children, as the menu is quite strange. There is no average meals that you would expect to find, no fish and chips, or Parma. You had options like, duck with mushrooms, roast chicken (it was a special), pork belly, salmon. Things that you wouldn't expect to see on a menu, which is fine, but there needs to be simpler alternatives, in my opinion. There were many staff, but they were all standing around waiting for something to do. I ordered pork belly, cooked two ways. It was cold. It came with a large mound of rice and some horrible sauce. I barely finished it. The rest of my family members agreed that their meals weren't all that flash. All our dishes were cold and nothing was outstanding. Will not be returning, as my experience was one I do not want to remember, I don't know how they stay in business. But it was a very nice atmosphere.

Approximate cost: $30

ReecesCheckYaPieces 24 Jul 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi EyeCandy, Clearly a disappointing experience. It is incredible to me that in this day and age there are still restaurants slow to learn about health and safety issues. It is not difficult to remember the basics: hot food must be served hot and cold food must be served cold. End of story. Thanks for a detailed review. Reeces

23 Feb 2012

I really enjoyed my recent visit to the Bear House. I was a part of a group of 10 but we were all served very quickly. And more importantly our food arrived quickly and at the same time. The steaks were wonderful and cooked to perfection. This is an elegant restaurant. Great place to go for an anniversary or special occasion. And all of the staff are just so very nice.

13 Aug 2011

I am amazed that I think we have found what I would call "the best" and then I find another that either matches or surpasses what I thought was the best. I really liked The Bear House for several reasons, the stand out about the rest for cleanliness. The restaurant was bright, clean and cheerful. It felt bright and clean because while low lights are often romantic, sometimes low lights hide cobwebs on ceiling fans, etc. This place couldn't have been any cleaner! The owner, Dave, speaks to all the guests. The service was impeccable, polite and dare I say professional, but very friendly and gave me a feeling of family. The food was fantastic and a range of all kinds of nationalities including Asian, Spanish, Vietnamese, very chic and international. I was only very slightly off put by 2 things - the tables are a bit close together so intimate conversation might have to be postponed. The second things are numbers on the table, similar to a cafe or serve yourself type pub, but both of the things are easily overlooked with the service and food. We had Ciabatta bread with Apple Balsamic and Dukkah, Salt and Papper Squid dusted with 5 Spice on Asian Salad and nam jim dressing, Roasted eggplant and bocconcini stack with tomato sugo, Spanish Paella served with prawns, chicken, black mussel, pipies, and chorizo and green peas with Sticky Date Pudding with Butter Scotch Sauce and Double Cream. Wine was a Blue Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon (2010). Really really good and I look forward to going back again! Bookings essential for evening meals.

Approximate cost: $30.00

11 Aug 2011

tried the Steak night on Tuesday for $14.50. A glass of wine is included if you bring along a flyer that can be printed from the website. With additional $8, 4 prawns with creamy garlic sauce can be added to the plate. There is a selection of sauces available and we chose the mushroom sauce. The dish is served with a bowl of salad and some mashed potato at the side. The food was really nice, especially the mushroom sauce. Place is very cosy and the staff are friendly. Wished the serving was slightly more but having said that, we are not quite sure as this was the first steak night we went to and have no idea how it measured up with others.

27 Jul 2011

My inlays got married earlier this year and we had the bear house booked for the reception. It was very successful! A great reception! 4 courses, wonderful meals, beautiful ambiance, lovely staff. My inlays later spent the night here in the motel section and were very happy with the service received.

31 Aug 2010

Decor and ambiance was enjoyable. Meals we're a little pricey. Ordered the steak, not given any steak knives. Not a lot of choice on the menu. Would go back, maybe.

11 Aug 2010

The ambiance of the Bear House is relaxed and has a family feel. The service was good and the meals lovely. The mains were a bit slow coming out for those who did not order entree, however it allowed time for our group to chat. I would re-visit for sure.

Approximate cost: $30

01 Feb 2010

wonderful steaks the best i have had for ages. the price is pretty good too the surrounds are loveley too. there is a nice varieny on the menue and a great drinks list.

23 Jan 2010

Very expensive and not alot on the menu Ate there before new owners and chef there was much more variety thought that after previous dining that it was great

Approximate cost: $35.00

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