6 reviews about The Bended Elbow

12 Mar 2009

The meal took over an hour to be served, when we finally got it, the food was disgusting. The service was pathetic and the nightclub, dont even get me started on the morons who go there and the morons who run the trashy, sleazy slime pit!

Approximate cost: $20

16 Oct 2008

The food specials are really good, but that is the only reason I would ever go there.
The nightclub is pathetic. Once the place gets busy, I would agree with Queenbitch, I went into the male toilets and found broken glass everywhere, beer and alcohol on the floor and people dealing drugs as if they were just buying something legally in front of the bouncers as well. Way too many intoxicated people, and the bar chicks are really bitchy and way underweight!!!!

Approximate cost: $10 inc drink

29 Dec 2007

The bended elbow is good to go to during the day for a mean and drink after work but at night it can be the worst place ever broken glass all over the bathroom floors, to many drug deals, bartenders that cant even get ur drink right. But the bands are great

Approximate cost: $20

02 Sep 2007

As a resturant it is pretty average, however is a great venue for listening to bands, having a few drinks, etc

Approximate cost: $20

24 Aug 2007

I have had very mixed experiences with the Bended Elbow. As a place to eat, I thought it was great initially with nice pub meals but last time my meal didn't come out with the group's and my friend had to go and get it for us. As a pub/bar it has a great variety of beer but it gets pretty crappy later on. Heaps of people, don't like the techno music downstairs and way too many drunk people. Half Cut (band) use to play there which was cool but they don't anymore and the music has not impressed me.

Approximate cost: $20.00

16 Aug 2007

This place looks great, it is set out pretty well and doubles as a resturant and a nightclub. GOOD - meals, live bands and good variety of beers on tap. BAD - the bar is usually 6 deep on saturdays and the doof doof dance area is pretty average.

Approximate cost: $22.00

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