22 reviews about The Coaching Institute

21 Jun 2019

I have grown so much from being here, i've learned and been supported by the amazing team consistently. It is such a privilege to work here, changing people's lives and exceeding my own expectations.

21 Jun 2019

I have been apart of TCI for 3 years now and i have grown, healed and become the best version of myself self , so much more of me to unpack ;) Sharon "Thank you" <3

21 Jun 2019

One of the best decisions I have made was to sign up with the coaching institute. I have really found my calling and my purpose and a tribe where I feel like I belong. Oh and the support available is out of this world!

21 Jun 2019

I have an absolute abundance gratitude and appreciation for Sharon Pearson and The Coaching Institute. I have completely transformed my life and organically so has my family and I cherish this every single day and here’s the kicker... I’m just getting started thriving in a community of likeminded extraordinary people!
I love my life, I love what I get to do everyday and I love helping and supporting others to do the same and live their lives the best they can!
Sharon Pearson, thank you is not enough for what I’ve learnt from your creative brilliance x

07 Jun 2019

This institute is hands -down 100% the most supporting environment to study with.
The live classes are phenomenal with the trainers , Matt and Jo committing their time and energy at an excellence and the most sincere frequency that you can experience.

The classes are inclusive in the fees, you will get value for money !!!

The content is like brand new knowledge evidence based literature , you will not be

You will grow- you will outgrow some of your old crew and this is just a natural evolution and side effect of your Personal Development,
Your self awareness will go through the roof lol,

I highly recommend these courses to anyone reading this,
This testimony is 100% sincere!!
Wendy Wereta

27 Dec 2016

I've recently attended the Advanced Training offered by The Coaching Institute. An excellent training which deepened my coaching knowledge. I've already applied some of the learnings, the first person I shared with was my husband. The knowledge gained has helped to bring us closer together. Thanks guys, tremendous value :-)

18 Sep 2016

This is the #1 school in the world as far as I'm concerned. The quality of support, never ending value, outstanding community. This is the dream making place to be!

My decision to invest with TCI was an easy one as it was obvious I would come out the otherwise a better human, what I didn't get at the time is what that actually meant. And what does mean; it was the best decision I've ever made in my life. I will be forever grateful. Living MY DREAM!!!


10 Sep 2016

If you’re looking to empower those around you coaching skills are a must, and what better place to learn those skills than Australasia’s leading teaching school for life coaching? In my time studying at The Coaching Institute, I’ve found the support they offer to be second to none. With a team of wonderful coaches ready to champion you all the way, a marketing team generously sharing their secrets and more step by step support in coaching, marketing, sales, personal development than you could possibly ever imagine, even someone completely new to the world of business can successfully turn their passion for helping others into a profession.

01 Sep 2016

I would recommend TCI because of the culture and also it a place you can truly be you. They live by there values and are an amazing support to their students. Sharon Pearson has done amazing :)

01 Jun 2016

An innovative and progressive company that is always investing in its own education to bring us the most up to date content and keep us ahead of the crowd. A great school to study with, models of excellence to guide us along the way and a massive supportive community to be celebrated and supported by. Love this school.

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