19 reviews about The Coffee Club

08 Jul 2014

They aren't too bad. Once I ordered soup and it tasted canned. The coffee is consistently okay, and the environment alright. I used to come here to study a little and drink coffee, but since they closed up stairs during the day there is very limited indoor seating, and a constant draft indoors. I don't come here to meet people during the day anymore because you usually end up outside, which isn't very good with Melbourne weather.

Approximate cost: $20

03 Sep 2013

Had a lovely lunch here today. Great coffee and great service; the waitress came past our table several times to check that our meals and drinks were fine and to give us a bottle of water. Coffee price was also reasonable and even better with a loyalty card where we got 2 for the price of one. The cost of the food, however, was a bit pricey. I think I paid about $16 for a sandwich and a few chips on the side.

06 Aug 2013

Love their drink options. Great to meet up with friends at.
Hard to get service sometimes. I had a waitress walk past me 3 times without serving anyone.
Love their milkshakes, and I love that their menu has calorie information on it. Very helpful to those of us who are health conscious.
Not too expensive either.

marilynnd 17 Aug 2013 · 90% Trust

The service at my local Coffee Club is hopeless, so I don't go there anymore. There are plenty of good cafes out there that want our business.

03 Jun 2013

this place is great to catch up with friends. they have pretty much everything you could want. including main meals. Some nights they have a guitarist playing upstairs. very nice place.

16 Feb 2013

Nice relaxed atmosphere. Nice place to catch up with mates. Service a bit on the slow side at times...not sure about the cakes on offer after receiving a frosting apple crumble.

14 Feb 2013

I've been here a few times because it is a convenient place to meet friends for coffee or a snack. The coffee is pretty good tho I always order a hot water on the side because their long blacks can be rather strong. Last time my friend and i had a meal which although over priced for what it was was very tasty and ingredients were fresh. i had calamari - it was pretty good and my friend had salmon which she said was very good! Service was ok too. Will be back as we made another coffee time for next month so will try something else.

Approximate cost: $20.00

herba 17 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

as it my be called the coffee club ... great place but the Cappuccinos are a bit on the milky side and at times the coffee flavor is missing otherwise a great venue I love my cappuccinos but not just milky froth

01 Sep 2011

Went here for coffee and cake after another establishment didn't bother taking our order, but that's just an aside... We knew the Coffee Club would look after us. We had a Chocolate Bounty cake which was awesome, albeit expensive. My partner had a white hot chocolate, and i had a Coke Zero, both of which are significantly overpriced also. The service is 'ok', but I'd expect it to improve with the introduction of table service in October. A smile wouldn't hurt. Almost $20 for 2 drinks and a slice of cake is just a bit too steep.

23 Jan 2011

Almost everything there is over priced but I am mostly happy enough with the quality of the product. Depending on the day, the service can be fantastic or very ordinary.

Approximate cost: $20

29 Oct 2010

I recently went to the Coffee Club with some friends and we sat upstairs. It had a nice atmosphere about it. I ordered a hot drink and cake. I thought the food was a bit expensive for the little amount you got but it was tasty ($13.00). They need to have a hot drink & cake deal there!

27 Aug 2010

A great environment to catch up with friends. Upstairs there are comfortable lounges that can seat up to 6 people. The hot chocolate drink was very nice and at a reasonable price.

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