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26 reviews about The Fawcett Group

22 Jan 2017

The hot water service died the day before Christmas, the system was promptly replaced by Courtny of Fawcett Plumbing before midday in the blistering heat.
Three weeks later, Paul of Fawcett Plumbing began excavations down the side of the house, redesigning and replacing the waste water piping which had been damaged by conifer roots, and an immaculate clean-up after the job was complete, all by mid-afternoon. Paul was very helpful with the explanation of all aspects of the jobs that he carried out.
We grabbed a handful of fridge magnets advertising Fawcett Plumbing to hand out, we're very happy with their knowledge, efficiency, friendly manner. A very professional outfit and we're more than happy to spread the word :-)

Approximate cost: $4700

The Fawcett Group 22 Jan 2017

Thank you very much from the owner 31 yrs this year .
With a review like this we will send $50 vouchers & you will receive a $50 discount on every job from now on .

21 Apr 2017

Corey did a great job unblocking my kitchen sink and drainage. He was punctual, explained the costs involved clearly and knew exactly what was needed to be done. He also conducted necessarily tests to ensure that the blockage is completely cleared.

15 Mar 2017

Rang Fawcett Plumbing to get a quote for the replacement of our broken hot water system.
Their website says "Get a free quote" but they charge $66 to come out and quote (deductible if you decide to go ahead on the spot, which we would never do) unless they happen to be in the area. A bit misleading and disappointing.

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The Fawcett Group 17 Mar 2017

Call the office for a refund please.

helenads 17 Mar 2017 · 70% Trust

Hi guys, there might be a misunderstanding, my apologies. I posted this review after ringing your office to book in a quote. When we found out that it would cost $66 to get a quote, we decided to forego it and request quotes from other companies instead.
My review was for the benefit of other customers to highlight the difference between the wording on your website of "Get a free quote" and the information I was given on the phone, which was that it would be $66 to get a quote, refundable if we go ahead and order from you.
Apologies if it came across as if I was unhappy about paying the fee. The $66 fee acted as a deterrent and we didn't go ahead with the quote request.

The Fawcett Group 18 Mar 2017

Hi Helen thanks for the feed back im sure you understand that the reason we ask for the $66 is to avoide customers that want the cheapest (illegal ,un insured) job carried out as we will never be the cheapest with all the qualifications we have with the greatest team available 24/7 .On the Web site we also say we will beat any genuine quote by 10% .
Looks like you may have gone with Enviro plus for your Hot water heater good for you another Great Company. Thank you again for your comments.

04 Dec 2016

Quick Office response re booking/appointment times was appreciated. Ben & Ryan arrived as promised on 2 separate days, paid close attention to relevant explanations/instructions & proceeded with the job. Both men worked conscientiously resulting in positive outcomes. Ben's problem solving skills in particular were well tested in a somewhat difficult working environment. Overall communication with both plumbers was easy, effective & friendly - highly recommended.

Re value for money: that's a grey area, even more so for a financially struggling 92 year widow like my mother. Many plumbing firms claim conditional no-call out fees & pensioner discounts, but in reality the final cost is very much determined by time spent on labour & the cost of materials - a bit more up-front transparency could/should be available here,

Approximate cost: $1100

28 Nov 2016

Sunday morning I called Fawcett plumbing in Two Wells as I had a bit of an Emergency. I spoke to Mark and explained what my Emergency was. He told me if he came out it would cost me a lot or I could do it myself and he would talk me through it, I took the latter advice. He said I could get what I wanted from Bunnings,also if I was unsure when I got there to give him a call. I got the job done and didn't require any further thanks to Mark it was sorted. Thanks Mark I recommend you to others as I'm sure you would look after them also,you won't make much money but you'll make someone happy, cheers, regards Mal Taylor.

The Fawcett Group 15 Jan 2017

Thank you very much.

22 Nov 2016

Ryan gave me a courtesy call prior to arriving spot on time. After a chat about the problem and symptoms, Ryan took a look at the problem hot water service and quickly prioritized the likely faults and costs of each option. After approving the work, Ryan's analysis proved to be accurate and he quickly had the unit repaired and tested operational. Well done Ryan , i also enjoyed his friendly manner and very clear explanations. No hesitation at all to use again and recommend to others

18 Oct 2016

Ryan was punctual and efficient, while explaining the job very well. He is a really nice bloke. I would have no hesitation to use him again.

03 Dec 2014

Abdul was friendly, efficient and helpful. knows what he was doing. Able to discuss options on how to sort out the issue with the plumbing in my house. Great service.

watersport 04 Dec 2014 · 100% Trust

good to know about

Amberlea 07 Mar 2015 · 100% Trust

We need a new plumber and based on the reviews, I think we've found one. Thanks!

24 Nov 2014

Clear blocked storm water pipes.Very efficient,professional and friendly service by Abdul.Would highly recommend to others.

Approximate cost: $175

12 Nov 2014

Hot water service complete changeover in 2 - 3 hours. They arrived to review situation 30 minutes after phone call.

Approximate cost: $1200

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