9 reviews about The Godfather Pizza Restaurant

14 Aug 2013

Great friendly people and lovely food. Great value for your money :-) Their pizzas are amazing! Their monster burgers are great filled with lotsa fillings. They are big enough to pretty much feed the whole family :-)

Approximate cost: $20.00-30.00

01 Jul 2012

2 large pizzas, garlic bread & 1.25L drink for $26.90. Pizzas have good flavour and plenty of topping. Garlic bread was average. Dingy-looking but appears to be clean.

03 Jun 2012

Brilliant. Massive burgers. Great deals and great toppings. The employees are awesome. Great little business for Moonah. I travel an hour just to get one of their bushpigs!!

28 Apr 2012

Great value for money, the burgers and pizzas are huge! But very greasy. Cheap delivery to surrounding areas too, about $2.50!

Approximate cost: $8

16 Dec 2010

A nice pizza place to go for food on the run, menu extensive with lots of options to choose from and they have an assortment of pasta aswell and they provide quick efficient service, prices are reasonable too.

Approximate cost: $18

17 Jan 2010

Oh my, all these ratings & comments below seem to me like they were wrote by some friends or owners of the godfather. Oh please! I love pizza's, but I must say these do not rate high on my list, and the only reason I gave them another go is because my favourite pizza shop was closed over the holiday period. I am not going to plug another business, because to me that is wrong when trying to give a rating, but I will say if you do a search for othe pizza places in this area you will get a far better pizza.

FRESH!!! I think some people have mistaken canned fresh, for real fresh. SAD!

davep1 16 Feb 2010 · 0% Trust

It looks to me you might be a friend/owner of the pizza place "in the same area "that you wouldn't plug............FRESH hahahahaha

02 Nov 2009

Great pizzas. We stopped in here one day to give them a go, busy little shop with lots of customers. The pizza is great and a very reasonable price. The staff were very friendly and we think the short wait was worth it.

11 Apr 2009

I'd heard good things about this place, in addition to what I'd read on WOMOW so thought it was worth giving them a try. And I'm very glad I did.

The small shop was packed, a good sign that the quality is high. The service was very good, friendly, apologetic for the wait time during what was clearly a hectic time of the evening and the final product was nothing short of delicious.

I will certainly be returning for more in future.

26 May 2008

If you have never tried pizza from the Godfather, then you must! They make pizza from scratch with fresh ingredients and you can definitely taste the difference. The dine-in restaraunt is quite small and you may not be able to eat in without booking. The pizza seems to take a little longer than in some other shops, but it's worth the wait.

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