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09 Jan 2019

I had an appt yesterday at 2.30pm with their air conditioning service representative which I paid $80 for and he did not call or turn up. I work full time and have little flexibility. I took time off work and your staff member confirmed and did not show. I want a refund and i want someone else to do the service.

I have emailed good guys brighton twice. I have called them and not gotten through and I have called the good guys home services team twice today (once at 9.30am and the other at 12.30pm) and both times been told i will get a call in the next hr and I have not spoken to anyone
A day later they have made no effort to contact me in any way.
This is beyond a below average service and I would not recommend them.

Approximate cost: $80

17 Apr 2018

Went to buy 4 items valued at 4,000 $ and was treated by a man by the name of Charles who was aggressive and rude .He could not find item codes for products even though they had been written out for him and with one being in his department .After all he was the store manager he told us!He was very annoyed and told us we would not get a better deal elsewhere!Well we did and not with you Charles

20 May 2017

Terrible service! Bought a dishwasher for my rental property over the phone was assured by the salesperson that they had 3 in stock. Arranged with my access with my tenants, and when my plumber turned up to pick up the dishwasher they told him they had sold out. That cost $120 call out fee! Took 9 phone calls to get onto some one in white goods, got left on hold and hung up on 3 times. Had to install a white model which was cheaper but in stock. Then had issues with the machine, 4 phone calls later spoke to a manager, and was told my plumber had probably installed it wrong and I would have to pay a call out fee for their service people to look at it. Then had to chase my refund on the cheaper model which apparently has to go through head office!
Would give negative rating if possible!

Approximate cost: $430

11 Feb 2016

What a monumental waste of time.

I stood in front of what I went there to buy for 15 mins and was not so much as looked at by a staff member. I walked out and will buy a Dyson elsewhere.

Business must be good to care so little about customer service. Perhaps I didn't look like your typical Brighton customer.

03 Sep 2015

I wouldn't recommend now. Had positive experiences in the past, to be fair, but this week tried to buy a fridge and was basically brushed off. Yes, it was reduced, but they wouldn't move one red cent, or even say they could tweak the delivery charge.

Tried to palm off a cheap alternative brand that I know would be on the nature strip within a year or two.

The salesperson made it a win/lose proposition in which I either paid the full price (i.e. "lose"), or I could "take the highway" (and no I was not seeking a 50% discount or anything stupid).

You've had over $3,000 worth of my business to this point Good Guys Brighton, but no longer.

Approximate cost: $1000

19 Aug 2013

We had to actually seek out advice from a salesperson ourselves, and were not approached by one (which was quite a different experience to other stores, although not complaining!). The salesperson we talked to wasn't the most informative, but wasn't afraid to ask his colleagues when he was in doubt. The value of the TV we got was good, we're absolutely loving it!

31 Mar 2013

I was amazed to find a store with such outstanding customer service. To be recommended also for their very compatible prices.
The sales staff really do thir utmost best to satisy the most discerning person.

Seaspray 31 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Yes, I've also found this. Perhaps they pick staff carefully unlike others. Thanks for the info.

03 Feb 2013

this shop has wide range and variety of home appliances that are not only of reasonable prices and good quality, but also can be found on sales...last time i bought quite few items here-Sunbeam electric cooker (really cooks in 5 mins only) ...some other items like Dyson vacuums are bit more pricey but still cheaper than in other shops...staff are also very polite and helpfull...

28 Feb 2012

Great value. I have bought many things off these guys over the years; a fridge, camera, range hood, dishwasher, stove/oven microwave. They always have a really good price. Once for some of our kitchen appliances they even matched a internet price.

05 Jan 2011

I have purchased a number of household appliances from this store over the past few years and they have a policy that means you can always haggle over the price to get a good deal if you go there knowing what you want and what other stores are asking for it. They have a large range of items and most of the salespeople know what they are talking about. Their pricing is excellent value.

bradh726 03 Sep 2015 · 60% Trust

Sorry Stew, but that's not a universal experience. I tried to haggle on a fridge this week, offering "cash on the barrel" and they would not move $1 on a thousand dollar plus appliance, and had a "dismissive" approach in general. VERY disappointing! Made it a win/lose situation, and I was st*ffed if I was going to pay full price. We just turned on our heel and they lost the sale. I was a VERY good customer having bought quite a few appliances but will never darken their doorstep again.

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