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18 Mar 2016

Food here is like any other Take away Chinese restaurant. There was heaps on the menu to chose from. Customer service is pretty fast.

08 May 2014

I like the chicken rice and the green curry. Service isn't super fast but that's ok because its cheap food. Good meal for a Thursday night change from the pub

#3 in Templestowe Lower VIC
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02 May 2014

It's not 5 star dining, but is through the roof in terms of success for delivering on its value proposition. For around $10-15 pp you get bistro quality food that is fresh, delicious and interesting, and served in generous portions.
Tofu features heavily on the menu, but there are good options too for anyone who wants some meat.
By far, the standout item on the menu is the homemade silken egg tofu for $12. It is a large portion of tofu, which comes looking like a upturned plum pudding on a plate, surrounded by a pool of vegetable stock-based sauce, snow peas and fried shallots. Break into the outer skin of the tofu, and you reveal a luscious velvety creamy yet firm tofu.
A must try!

21 Mar 2014

We are regular patrons here. Char Kuay Teow , sambal brinjal and long beans is hands down one of the best in Melbourne. Albeit portion size has dropped a bit in the past year, but quality remains. Whenever I start to miss home , this is where I will go to

Approximate cost: $12

26 Jun 2013

Came here for dinner with my parents and ordered Loh Mee ($9.80), Hainanese chicken rice ($9.30) and green curry chicken rice ($9.30). For dessert I had a fried ice cream ($5.50).

Service was friendly and relatively quick. The Hainanese chicken rice was really nice. The rice itself was not too soft, not too hard and not too dry, it was absolutely perfect. The chicken was also very smooth and cooked to perfection. I would definitely go here again to eat this dish.

I tried some of the Loh Mee and found it to have a very strong vinegar taste which my dad told me was how it's supposed to taste with a bit of a sour kick to it. My mum said it wasn't that great as opposed to some that she's had elsewhere.

The green curry chicken rice was alright, not very memorable. Not a bad dish but I would rather try the normal curry next time. My mum liked this dish though.

The fried ice cream was really sweet. They had melted sugar over the top which was nice, but as it melted, and sank to the bottom, it meant the last few spoonfuls of it was extremely sweet. But other than that it was pretty good.

I would definitely go here again, the prices were really good for what we ordered and service was fast.

Approximate cost: $10

#711 in Melbourne VIC
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06 May 2012

Love the yong to fu, so many varieties to choose from. I especially love the okra stuffed with fish. The broth is full of flavour and so intense. The fried kway teow is also pretty good.

27 Apr 2012

Received great service at this place. They took a booster seat out for my son without me asking. Some places do not bother to offer until you ask. They are very kid friendly here and 2 people came out with my order saying that kids cannot wait as they might be hungry. Tops! I had been keen to try this place after hearing positive feedback. Not disappointed! Nestum king prawns are a must try! Char Kway Teow had great wok flavour and taste. The chicken rice was superb, the boys did not stop eating the rice. My Yong Tau Fu was good but the braised soup was a little bland, will definitely be getting curry next time. Cannot wait to go back.

emm1 27 Apr 2012 · 100% Trust

Great to know that they're kid friendly - thanks!

emm1 27 Apr 2012 · 100% Trust

Great to know that they're kid friendly - thanks!

10 Mar 2011

Decent place with solid and consistent quality food. Ive been here a few times. the salty fish fried rice and the noodles are definitely worth a try. You can even pick the stuff you want to include in your noodles.
It is pretty clean and standard and not too crowded like some other places in Gleny.
You have to line up and order before you get seating though, so don't feel offended if you sit down and no one serves you.

08 Mar 2011

Great authentic food full of flavours. Lots of variety and great value for money. Huge portions. Stick to the malaysian dishes as this is what they specialise in.

Approximate cost: $10

06 Sep 2010

Young Tofu, great menu. You can choice up to 6 delicious entree like stuffs and with various tasty soup base to choose from.

Approximate cost: $9.5

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