6 reviews about The Hotel

31 Oct 2017

I think this pub is pretty good. Outside seating is nice. Service isn't the greatest. Prices are pretty reasonable, good people and it's never been unclean so I can't complain.

25 Mar 2016

Pub is okay when its not holiday season then may aswell stay at home seems as though food quality drops during this period otherwise is a great pub

19 Feb 2013

Don't expect great service as this is a casual pub/bar restaurant. However, the view is fantastic as it faces the beautiful beach!! Food was surprisingly excellent and great value, especially the pizzas.

This is a restaurant with great ocean views, modern decor, in a tourist area, but with reasonably-priced food and drinks, and definitely worth visiting.

Approximate cost: $15-$20

19 Nov 2009

We were met by a grumpy waiter who was rude and impatient. When eventually we did get served, it took forever for the food to come and food was average but price ok. Service was very extremely slow!

Approximate cost: $20

02 May 2009

food wasn't as good as i thought it would be but the atmosphere was great.... took close to over an hour for the food to come out so was a bit dissapointed about that. club part of the venue was terrific though.

11 Sep 2007

Attended for dinner first, food was average quality, pretty big meals but nothing special, at a reasonable price though. Service was very slow whcih caused a bit of stress, but after the meal the place opens up into a little club which had a great atmosphere and feel about it. I recommend for the partying after the meal but not for dinner.

Approximate cost: $20

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