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10 Aug 2015

I love yoga as I find it so relaxing and gives me time to myself away from the kids, the Karma Studio is a lifesaver.

dylanh242 04 Nov 2015 · 0% Trust

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08 May 2014

I have been attending yoga classes taught by Jen for over 3 years and can't live without it! Jen has been teaching for a long time, which is particularly apparent in her ability to teach people of all abilities and levels of experience. The classes are kept small, which means you always get one-on-one attention to ensure you're doing poses correctly (and safely), and the poses change between each lesson, which keeps things both challenging and interesting.

Mats and blankets are provided, so you don't have to lug around heavy or awkward gear, and there's always time for meditation at the end of each session.

(I also love the personal touches, like heated socks in the winter!)

27 Mar 2014

I have been involved in yoga classes with the Karma Studio for 2 years. To be honest it is the best yoga teaching I have come across. I am taught how to do the postures and breathing correctly and to extend and grow in my practice. The classes are the perfect size so you can have assistance if you need it or 'quiet' if you need a relaxing session. I have found I've increased fitness & tone, general well-being & it helps me to stay grounded & cope with the busyness of life.

It is just a very welcoming, relaxed space with great teachers who have a very high work ethic. I would recommend coming here if you are starting out in yoga because it's just easier to learn how to do all the moves & the people are really nice .. and if you are someone who has been doing it for a while, there's plenty of space for a challenge (& relaxation.) It's also a really good safe space if someone has an injury because they're qualified in massage etc. as well, and I've found them great at guiding you through what you can & can't do at the time.

I'm really glad I found this place!

The Karma Studio 09 Apr 2014

Wow, Jericho that was very clear, warm & appreciative feedback, thank-you very much for telling others about us. We really appreciate your warm, bubbly & committed energy here at the Studio.

03 Mar 2014

I was feeling stressed, rushed and desperately in need of some calm & quiet time. I found an oasis to rest, be nurtured, take some quiet breaths and forget about the demands of my life for the afternoon. It was a thoroughly supported and caring space combining Yoga, pranayama, foot spa, massage and finishing with a nutritious and yummy soup. I'll definitely be coming back again.

Approximate cost: $180

The Karma Studio 15 Mar 2014

Dear Gayle, Thank-you for your never ending support in using our services having been honoured to have you as a client for more than 13 years, we are grateful that you return over & over & let others know about what we offer as well. I am very happy you received what you needed at our monthly retreat.

01 Mar 2014

I went to a fabulously relaxing Saturday afternoon retreat. Restorative yoga, an incredible massage, detox foot spa, deep relaxation practice and then a lovely bowl of veggie soup! The class numbers were small so we had great individualised attention. I felt like I had the benefits of a yoga retreat without having to pack my bags and put aside a whole weekend!

Approximate cost: $165

The Karma Studio 01 Mar 2014

Thank-you Renee for your detailed feedback on our Retreats and expressing the benefits of having afternoon retreats instead of whole weekends away for practical purposes, that's why we stared them. It was a pleasure to have your warm & magnetic energy in the group.

01 Feb 2014

I have been undertaking remedial massages over 3 years and more recently yoga with The Karma Studio. The remedial massages are amazing and re-energise me. The care and attention provided whilst attending the massage is second to none.

Yoga is undertaken in small classes and the combination of relaxation, stretching, chanting and salutes is very rewarding after a day in the office. Some poses can be challenging but always good to push yourself that extra mile to improve (especially opening up the hips). It is a very individual thing and each person goes at their own pace. I certainly walk out of their improving my mind, body and soul.

I have always found the staff to be friendly, caring and very professional. I would highly recommend them to assist you with your well-being and health journey.

The Karma Studio 06 Feb 2014

Thank-you Priscilla for your clear & generous feedback of your experiences with The Karma Studio both in Yoga & Massage.You are a valued client and I want you to know we appreciate your loyalty & commitment to us. Also thank-you for taking the time to share your experience on Womo.
Warm Regards, Jennifer.

13 Jan 2014

Last weekend I attended my third yoga retreat and again it was such a treat for the mind and soul to experience such nurturing over the course of the afternoon. We started with gentle healing yoga, then a customised massage, a detoxing foot spa and ended with deep relaxation. It was not over yet, we moved out onto the deck for a conversational salad – what peaceful surroundings. I highly recommend these retreats and look forward to participating in a few more this year.

I'm also a regular yoga participant, massage devotee and have found the Japanese Needling fantastic for healing from within – and without resorting to often over prescribed medications. Jenn's amazing ability to provide wholistic support has improved my body, mind and spirit – a wellness path I very much look forward to continuing on.

Approximate cost: $165

The Karma Studio 13 Jan 2014

Thank-you Rowena for your kind & appreciative comments I really enjoy all your participation at The Karma Studio & I acknowledge your tenacious commitment over the years to improve your health you are now reaping the rewards. You are a very special client.
Warm Regards, Jennifer,

08 Jan 2014

“Honestly I thought the class was great as it always is. In terms of the sequencing, it seems to me to be spot on – stretching and warming up, moving from floor to standing & back to floor with relaxation at each end. In addition to this, there was some Pranayama and chanting. It's really well-rounded, with people encouraged to participate at their own level & gently supported to extend themselves. I think it's great. What I like about a well-rounded practice is that there will definitely be parts that will challenge us that we may not like so much. For me it's the standing poses & the salutes. But doing them brings enormous benefits and working through the not-so-comfortable practises is to me part of the discipline of yoga – and it is such an important part of life in general.”
Sarah Waters, Yoga Participant

The Karma Studio 08 Jan 2014

Hi Sarah, Thank-you so much for your very detailed experience of your yoga sessions here at The Karma Studio, I appreciate your loyalty & commitment to us and am very happy you get the results you are looking for.

10 Dec 2013

The Karma Studio is located in a tranquil street in a pretty little Edwardian cottage. The minute you walk up the path to the verandah you are alreday starting to relax because of the thoughtful touches that start at the gate. There is a comfie bench on the verandah where you can sit and wait for your appointment to start; you can contemplate life; smell the sea; listen to the wind chimes and enjoy the garden.

Once inside, the treament room is always lovely and warm; water is already put out for you and there is a sensible spot to put your clothes.

Great care is taken to make you feel really comfortable - the blankets are warmed; there is a heat pack for your back and then Jenny tucks you into bed so you can enjoy the massage!

She is not only a very, very good masseuse but you get a real sense that she cares about your wellness and that she is putting herself into giving you the best possible experience.

You never feel pushed or hassled to get off the table and clear the room for the next client.

Highly recommended by a difficult customer!

Approximate cost: $90

The Karma Studio 10 Dec 2013

Thank-you so much Sandra for your thoughtful & articulate compliments. I deeply appreciate you notice the time & effort we put into making your WHOLE experience here just as we set out to do. You are a valuable client & I am grateful for your clientele.

20 Nov 2013

Commenced attending yoga several years ago after never being able to do yoga at the individual too loud..moves too fast...discovered the benefits of yoga with Jenn and other yoga teachers at the karma studio...I could do it and better still felt great.Yoga is you doing an internal massage on yourself and keeping all your organs healthy. How cool is that. Having shingles in 2008 when my husband died and still experiencing pain after doctor and prescribed medication had session with Jenn of Japanese needling and cupping.The shingles/pain disappeared and has never returned. My daughters legs both swelled up and after many medical tests..I am a nurse...had a few sessions with Jenn and fluid disappeared.

Then there are the retreats ...sat afternoon...very nurturing come away feeling amazing..

Highly recommend the Karma studio.

Approximate cost: $80

The Karma Studio 22 Nov 2013

Dear Robyn,
We are so grateful to you for all the years that you've been coming to the Karma Studio and all the people that you've sent to us.
We are delighted that our services have been so beneficial to you and your daughter.
Warmest regards,

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